Absolute Domination (ToX)

Absolute Domination as it appears in Tales of Xillia.

Absolute Domination (闢・魔神王剣 Byaku Majin'ouken?, "Break Demon God King Sword") is Gaius's mystic arte in Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2.

Arte Description and History

Prior to the mystic arte's activation, the enemy has been knocked into the air. Gaius swings his blade above his shoulders and proceeds to lower it to charge a sphere of flames. Upon it reaching the tip of his sword, Gaius hurls the fire ball at his falling opponent, enveloping them and exploding with them trapped inside. He then leaps into the air and slices the bursting fire ball in half, causing several hits of damage, with Gaius clenching his left fist after landing.


Mothership Titles

Mobile Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Xillia

Japanese Quote: 醒めよ!黄昏の地より呼び寄せし流転の狼王!闢・魔神王剣!!
Romanized Quote: Sameyo! Tasogare no chi yori yobiyoseshi ryuuten no rouou! Byaku Majin'ouken!!
Translated Quote: "Awaken! From the land of twilight, the summoning of the wretched wolf king! Byaku Majin'ouken!!"
Localized Quote: "Awaken! The inferno cries out into oblivion! Absolute Domination!"

Tales of Xillia 2

Japanese Quote: 我が剣は王の牙!六道の悪行を浄滅せん!闢・魔神王剣!!成敗ダだ!
Romanized Quote: Waga ken wa ou no kiba! Rokudou no akugyou wo kiyomessen! Byaku Majin'ouken!! Seibai da!
Translated Quote: "My sword is the king's fang! The misdeeds of the six realms shall be purified! Byaku Majin'ouken!! This is your punishment."
Localized Quote: "Prepare yourself! My sword cries out! The one blade to vanquish evil! Absolute Domination! Fool!"

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