Terresia (TotW-RM)

A map of the Ailily region of Terresia.

Terresia is the world in which Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology takes place. It is blessed with enormous amount of mana. However, under assault by the Devourer, its mana is slowly but clearly drained, and in the story, only one-third of Terresia is left. Due to this crisis, Terresia's World Tree uses the last of its power to create a Descender, which is the Protagonist him or herself. Throughout the last remnants of Terresia, there exists a guild called Ad Libitum, which seeks to help the people of the world, fighting injustice and oppression.



Ailily is the closest region to Terresia's World Tree. Its Ad Libitum chapter leader is Kratos Aurion from Tales of Symphonia, and his assistant is Raine Sage from same game.

Ad Libitum Members:


  • Ailily
  • Foot of the World Tree
  • Hallowed Bastion
  • Orphic Maze
  • Gilgulim


Doplund is a region known for its mineral success and huge economy. Its Ad Libitum chapter leader is Garr Kelvin from Tales of Destiny, and his assistant is Philia Felice from same game.

Ad Libitum Members:


  • Doplund
  • Mine
  • Lavacleft
  • Weald


Gavada is known for its blessing of mana and cold climate. Its Ad Libitum chapter leader is Eugene Gallardo from Tales of Rebirth, and his assistant is Annie Barrs from same game.

Ad Libitum Members:


  • Gavada
  • Aelderwood
  • Frosthollow


  • Terresia derives from the Latin terra, meaning "earth".

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