Ain Soph Aur (アイン・ソフ・アウル Ain Sofu Auru?) is a mystic arte extension that Emil Castagnier can use when in "Ratatosk" mode. It can only be used after activating the mystic arte Devil's Hellfire, adding additional hits and damage with a heavy TP cost.

Arte Description and History

In this arte, Emil holds his sword in a backward grip as he gathers energy to the blade, following with a slash that sends the energy flying at the enemy. After Tenebrae's core is retrieved from the Temple of Darkness, Ain Soph Aur can be used. It is activated by pressing the "B" button after Emil's cut-in image appears during Devil's Hellfire. If Emil uses this mystic arte in battle against Richter Abend, it will cause Richter to counter with Eternal Recurrence, causing the damage to be reflected against the entire party instead.

Ain Soph Aur might be considered extremely weak for its TP cost. The damage potential of this attack is limited to the number of monsters that have been contacted and acquired by the party, causing it to do rather weak damage early in the game. This is compounded further by the large 100 TP cost that is needed to activate this arte at full power. This extension can be activated with less TP, decreasing damage proportionately while draining all of the remaining TP. In Chapter 8, when Emil tells Verius to seal Ratatosk Mode, Emil loses the ability to extend into this arte for the remainder of the game.

Interestingly, the name of this arte is derived from the Hebrew term "Ein Sof Aur Ein Sof" (אור אין סוף, pronounced Or Ein Sof), meaning "never-ending light" or "light without limit". This term appears as part of the Jewish Kabbalah methodology, referring to the source of the Sephiroth, and thus the source of the universe as a whole and all created existence. This matches the theme of the mystic arte as a Light-elemental attack; Emil threatens to devour this "limitless light" with his powers.

Alternatively, the fact that it is a Light-elemental attack being used by a Dark-elemental character, Emil, can be interpreted as a sign that Ratatosk's ultimate destructive arte is not representative of his true self: rather, his bloodthirsty persona is the opposite of his original personality, twisted by hatred and betrayal into a creature of destruction. This comparison can also be seen in Ratatosk's counterpart Richter: a Water-elemental character who delves further into Fire-elemental artes the longer he is submersed in the false personality of strength and conviction he uses to deceive others.

Monster Evolution Damage

  • Lv.1 Monster Type: 100-300 damage
  • Lv.2 Monster Type: 400-650 damage
  • Lv.3 Monster Type: 700-975 damage
  • Lv.4 Monster Type: 1000-1250 damage
  • Lv.5 Monster Type: 1500-2300 damage


Escort Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Used Battle Quote

Japanese Quote: 闇に飲まれろ!アイン・ソフ・アウル!
Romanized Quote: Yami ni nomarero! Ain Sofu Auru!
Translated Quote: "Be devoured by darkness! Ain Soph Aur!"
Localized Quote: "Darkness devours! Ain Soph Aur!"

Unused Battle Quote

Japanese Quote: さあ、無為に帰るがい!アイン・ソフ・アウル!
Romanized Quote: Saa, mui ni kaeru ga i! Ain Sofu Auru!
Translated Quote: "Well then, return to nonentity! Ain Soph Aur!"
Localized Quote: "Now, return to oblivion! Ain Soph Aur!"

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