Amethyst Von

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Amethyst Von
Amethyst Von
Game Tales of Hearts
Hometown Lion Park
Race Human
Occupation Champion of the Arena
Weapon Whip
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Amethyst Von is a supporting character in Tales of Hearts. He is the champion of the area in Lion Park.

Appearance and Personality

Amethyst is an extravagantly-dressed man with amber eyes and long, green hair. He dons a purple and gold uniform and wields a long, red whip as a weapon in battle. He is charming to beautiful women and well-loved by the people of Lion Park due to his helpfulness among its citizens.

Fighting Style

In battle, Amethyst fights with his whip in a quick and combo-oriented style. Aside from this, he can also use explosives, which he tosses around.


  • Amethyst derives from the mineral of the same name.

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