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This article contains contents that are not localized in North America or Europe.
The following contents have not been released in the English language and are based on data from the Japanese version of this game. Details are subject to change at any given time.
This article is about the continent in Tales of the Tempest. For the king who rules and shares his name with this continent, see King Areulla VIII.
Areulla (TotT)

The continent of Aurella in Tales of the Tempest.

Areulla (大陸アレウーラ Tairiku Areuura?) is the name of the continent in which the story of Tales of the Tempest takes place.


Towns and Cities

  • Ferne - Caius Qualls's hometown, Ferne is situated on the edge of a great forest and has no ports for easy access.
  • Port Naliss - A small fishing town near Ferne.
  • Reda - A beautiful town situated on the edge of a cliff. It has a viewing platform from which people may look over the countryside.
  • Janna - The kingdom of Areulla's capital city is home to the Pope's cathedral and a large castle that was abandoned following King Areulla VIII's departure to Mount Ayre.
  • Yaska - A small seaside village similar in size and architecture to Port Naliss.
  • The Gate Villages - The wall that separates the desert from the rest of the world is home to two small villages where adventurers stay while on journeys.
  • Laurus - A small desert village whose residents have become the target of a mysterious disease.
  • Sansa - A village in the middle of the forest where Leymon hide from hunters.
  • Adelhabith - The furthest village to the north, which is icy year-round. A strange man named Couber lives here.


  • Black Forest - A haunted place.
  • Beneath Janna - Consists of a network of underground tunnels, reaching from the city's sewers to a Leymon prison far beneath the cathedral. It is there that members of the church torture Lycanthe in return for information about the Pensient.
  • Ramourne - The ruins of the ancient city of Leymon that was destroyed by the war 100 years ago.
  • Algam Forest - A forest that separates the desert from the snowy town of Sansa. Ogres from Bongham often come to Algam to hunt.
  • Bongham Forest - A forest of ogres that surrounds the snowiest region of Areulla.
  • Mount Ayre - A large mountain where King Areulla VIII lives.


Ferne (TotT).jpg
Artwork depicting Ferne. 
Port Naliss (TotT).jpg
Artwork depicting Port Naliss. 
Janna (TotT).jpg
Artwork depicting Janna. 
Janna Cathedral (TotT).jpg
Janna's cathedral as it appears in the game. 

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