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This article contains contents that are not localized in North America or Europe.
The following contents have not been released in the English language and are based on data from the Japanese version of this game. Details are subject to change at any given time.
King Areulla VIII
Areulla VIII
Game Tales of the Tempest
Residences Mount Ayre
Race Spot
Occupation King of Areulla
Japanese Voice Actor Chou Katsumi
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata
This article is about the significant figure in Tales of the Tempest. For the continent that shares his name, see Areulla.

King Areulla VIII (国王「アレウーラ八世」 / 国王「アレウーラ8世」 Kokuou "Areuura Yasei"?), alternatively known by the alias of the traveler Walls Garner (ウォールス・ガーナー Uoorusu Gaanaa?), is the primary antagonist in Tales of the Tempest. Despite having existed in the world of Areulla for over one-hundred years, the King still has the body of a child. His voice has developed normally however, and he speaks somewhat like an old man.


For most of the story, his significance is kept a secret, and the Pope is portrayed as the main enemy, but as the plot begins to reach its climax, King Areulla is revealed to be controlling everything behind the scenes. In truth, he is actually a being from another planet, the Spot home world, who accidentally drifted through space to Areulla after practicing with strange magic. Once there, he began to work on a Priseputh known as Life Magic that could get him back. However, this magic required for thousands of lives to be sacrificed to a mysterious stone known as the Pensient, and so King Areulla set about thinking of a way to gather the required amount.

Eventually, King Areulla confronted the Leymon president, Couber, whose main ambition was to restore life to the dead. The king convinced him that Life Magic would allow him to do this, persuading Couber to start a war against his people to harvest their lives, thinking he could bring them all back again once the Priseputh was complete. However, the people overpowered him, and the war ended before the Life Magic was complete. Due to this, King Areulla was forced to wait for someone with a significant place in society who might fall for the same trick. Almost one-hundred years later, he discovered this person in the form of the Pope whom had recently lost his wife, Melissa Bridges, and was looking for a way to restore her. The king convinced him that by sacrificing the lives of the Leymon, he could bring her back, along with the lives of millions of other people. The Pope believed him, setting up the Leymon hunt and offering a reward to anybody who captured them.

King Areulla's plans were foiled by a boy named Caius Qualls, whose adoptive father was one of the many Leymon taken away by the church. With his party of warriors, Caius defeated the Pope and headed to King Areulla's castle. However, the king was close to finishing his Life Magic, and so by the time they reached him, he was able to call upon the power of his home world via a mysterious portal. This energy proved to be unsubstantial though, and Areulla was defeated.

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