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Aurora Wave (極光波 Kyokkouha?, "Aurora Wave"[1]) is one of the Divine Skills that Reid Hershel from Tales of Eternia is able to obtain, and is made for Reid only.

Arte description and history

Reid can only use Aurora Wave in the battle against Shizel, where he uses it to counter her Dark Aurora artes. He creates a radiant shield of light before him and his allies, saving them from the enemy's arte and revives and fully heals them. However, upon countering it, Shizel uses other artes to take back.

Arte requirements by Mothership Titles

User: Reid Hershel.
Localized Arte Name: Aurora Wave.
Arte Type: Divine Skill.
TP Cost: 50 TP.
Requirements: Obtained after completing Seyfert's third trial, used only during the final boss battles to counter Dark Aurora artes, when Eternal Finality or Finality DeadEnd is activated, hold the Attack+Skills+Defend buttons (default: X + O + SQUARE) to counter the attack.


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