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Beryl Benito

Beryl Benito

Beryl Benito (CG)

Game Tales of Hearts
Hometown Brange
Age 18
Height 4'10" / 148 cm
Weight 84 lbs / 38 kg
Race Human
Weapon Soma (Large Paintbrush)
Japanese Voice Actor Saeko Chiba
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Beryl Benito (ベリル・ベニト Beriru Benito?) is a protagonist in Tales of Hearts.


Beryl is a painter who fled her hometown to become a royal painter. When Kor Meteor and his friends meet her, she tells the party to go away because they will steal her ideas. Later, she ambushes Chen, who had hired her and set her into a trap to get her Soma. The party sees that Beryl is being affected by Kohaku Hearts's Doubt Spirune, and she banishes them with magic. When they find her, they all go inside her Spir Maze and defeat the Xerom. She decides to trust the group, and Kohaku's Spirune is recovered. Later, it is discovered that Ines Lorenzen recovered the items stolen to incriminate Beryl, and her Soma becomes Ines's property. However, she lets Beryl keep it. Beryl develops a crush toward Kor and a rivalry against Ines later in the story.

Fighting Style

Beryl Avatar (PSN)

Avatar from PlayStation Network.

Beryl's weapon is the Soma Thiers (ティエール Tieeru?), a giant brush. This weapon does not change throughout the story, but when her Soma evolves, it becomes stronger, though it does not change forms. When Beryl's Soma reaches its final evolution, it is considered her ultimate weapon. Beryl serves primarily as a mage. She has Water, Earth, and Darkness magic, which she calls forth with her brush by "painting" the incantation. Alternatively, she can use physical attacks with her brush against enemies in short-ranged combat. Her Combination Blaster is Crazy Comet, in which she draws a spell circle and launches several comets against her enemies. On the second playthrough, under certain conditions, she gets three extensions from Crazy Comet: Twinkle Star, Mix Master, and Princess of Mermaid.


Beryl Cut-in (ToH-R) 1.png
First cut-in image for Tales of Hearts R. 
Beryl Cut-in (ToH-R) 2.jpg
Second cut-in image for Tales of Hearts R. 


  • Beryl's first and last names are derived from the minerals beryl and benitoite, respectively.
  • Beryl is indirectly mentioned in Tales of Graces when Kohaku tells Hubert Oswell he reminds her of a friend of hers, who is an artist.

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