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This article contains contents that are not localized in North America or Europe.
The following contents have not been released in the English language and are based on data from the Japanese version of this game. Details are subject to change at any given time.
Game Tales of Berseria
Age 150
Height 30 cm
Race Malak
Japanese Voice Actor Naomi Nagasawa
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Bienfu (ビエンフー Bienfuu?) is a supporting character in Tales of Berseria. He is the normin Malak companion of Eleanor Hume, having formed a contract with her to serve as her vanguard. Bienfu was originally bound to a contract with Magilou.

Appearance and Personality

Serving as the mascot of the game, Bienfu is a small, purple and white normin with red wings and a heart-shaped tail. He wears a large purple hat bound with a red ribbon in the manner of a present, with two holes in the front to reveal Bienfu's large black eyes, as the hat covers the majority of his head. He also wears a red ribbon around his neck and small black boots. Bienfu has a childish and sometimes devious personality, though this counteracted by his ancient age, which gives him the demeanor of an old man. His unusual hat was given to him as a present.


Bienfu (ToA).png
Artwork for Tales of Asteria. 

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