Blade Bloom (ToLink)

Blade Bloom as it appears in Tales of Link.

Blade Bloom (白華蒼光刃 Byakka Soukoujin?, "White Flower Green Light Blade") is a mystic arte exclusive to Sara in Tales of Link.

Arte Description and History

Sarah first powers herself with wind bursts, then charges at her enemy, thrusting her sword through them and performing a wide slash that emits a green energy. Afterward, she leaps into the air, her blade aiming upward while white petals fall from the sky. She then slashes her sword downward, conjuring six blades comprised of green energy, and descends upon her enemy, slamming her blade into the ground as the ephemeral swords she conjured a moment ago rain down onto her enemy.


Mobile Titles


In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Link

Localized Description: "Pound foes with a blade made of petals of light."

Japanese Quote: 冒険者の意地、見せてあげる。私の全力!いけー!
Romanized Quote: Boukensha no iji, misete ageru. Watashi no zenryoku! Ike!
Translated Quote: "I'll show you the will of an adventurer! Take this! All of my strength! Hee-yah!"

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