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Brave Frontier
BF Logo
Game Systems Android
Microsoft Windows
Developers A-Lim
Publishers •A-Lim
•Gumi Asia
Japanese Releases July 3, 2013
North American Releases December 13, 2013

Brave Frontier (ブレイブフロンティア Bureibu Furontia?) is a Japanese mobile role-playing game developed and published by A-Lim, with a worldwide release handed by Gumi Asia. The game had several collaboration events with Tales of Link.


The series is set in the fictional world of Grand Gaia, a world ravaged by war between both Humans and Gods. The story focuses on an unnamed summoner, summoned by God of the Gate, Lucius, who pleads to him to save Grand Gaia from destruction.


The player fields a team of five units along with a friend to face successive waves of enemies. The player taps on the character's portrait to attack with time; timing attacks to strike simultaneously increases both damage and reward. Characters also gain points that enables them to unleash Brave Bursts, powerful abilities with a multitude of effects.


The game is known for its collaborations; one such is with Tales of Link. There are two events in the Japanese version that appeared as one in the global release. Both games obtain special units and skits based on the other game, and playing Tales of Link allows bonuses to be unlocked in the Brave Frontier account.


Cress Albane (BF).png
Arche Klein (BF).png
Dhaos (BF).png
Stahn Aileron (BF).png
Rutee Katrea (BF).png
Barbatos Goetia (BF).png
Yuri Lowell (BF).png
Rita Mordio (BF).png
Milla Maxwell (BF).png

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