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Brutality Drive (ブルタリティウィップ Burutaritiuippu?, "Brutality Whip") is Dezel's mystic arte in Tales of Zestiria.

Arte Description and History

Dezel charges energy in himself before assaulting the enemy with a series of quick strikes from his pendulums. The last strike connects in a cross shape before he withdraws his pendulums back.


Mothership Titles

Mobile Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Zestiria

Japanese Quote: 遅ェんだよ!無残に果てな!ブルタリティウィップ!
Romanized Quote: Osoendayo! Muzan ni hate na! Burutaritiuippu!
Translated Quote: "It's too late for you! This will be your tragic end! Brutality Whip!"
Localized Quote: "It's about time! You're through! Brutality Drive!"

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