Celestial Earth (ToD PS2)

Celestial Earth as it appears in the PlayStation 2 remake of Tales of Destiny.

Celestial Earth (セレスティアル・アース?) is one of the three universal Blast Calibers exclusive to the PlayStation 2 and Director's Cut versions of Tales of Destiny.

Arte Description and History

When executed, the screen shifts to the sky, depicting a large glyph of glowing energy. A beam then fires down from the center of the glyph, rupturing the earth below while a darkened sword rises in the midst of the action. The sword materializes and slices horizontally, then vertically, leaving wide, rainbow-colored patterns in its wake. The target is damaged consistently throughout the move's duration.

In order to perform Celestial Earth, the player must be on his or her second playthrough or later. However, it is possible to execute the move on the first playthrough if a "Clear Game" save file is present on the memory card. In addition, the "Blast Gauge" must be filled to Level 2 or above, and a combo of at least 100 hits must be performed prior to activating through pressing the "Attack" and "Artes" buttons.

All playable characters have access to the move. Kronos is also capable of performing Celestial Earth if Barbatos Goetia has been defeated in the Arcana Ruins prior. Kronos will execute the move as a counter to Raise Dead, or Maware Rondo in the Director's Cut version. For playable characters, Raintive Orion and Surviving Hollin must be executed in order for Celestial Earth to be triggered. The move provides a bonus of additional EXP after the end of battle if completed successfully.


Mothership Titles


  1. This attack cannot be accessed by the original Lilith Aileron because she lacks a second level of the "Blast Gauge" to fulfill the requirements to use this arte. A "Narikiri Lilith" (なりきりリリス?) accessory must be equipped to another character with access to the second or third level of the "Blast Gauge" to allow the acting Lilith to use this attack instead.

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