Celsius (セルシウス Serushiusu?) and Summon: Ice (降霊召符・氷 Koureishoufu: Koori?) are artes that summon the Summon Spirit of Ice, Celsius.

Arte Description and History

As the arte summoning the Summon Spirit of Ice, all of the artes are ice-related. Celsius first appears in Tales of Eternia, where she first calls upon her partner wolf, Fenrir, to push all enemies to the right side of the screen before unleashing an angled ice laser on them. Because Fenrir takes some space on the field, enemies to the far left actually will not be pushed away by Fenrir and will remain unharmed by Celsius's blast. Summon: Ice in Tales of Symphonia has Celsius appearing by herself despite fighting with Fenrir in the battle to make the pact. Celsius punches down on the ground, causing spikes of ice to come out around her in the shape of a cross, while raising the party's accuracy.


In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes


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