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Cheagle Woods
Cheagle Woods (TotA)
Game Tales of the Abyss
World Auldrant
Country Malkuth Empire
Region Rugnica
Ruler Peony Upala Malkuth IX
A forest inhabited by the sacred cheagles. The tree in which the cheagles live produces a pollen that keeps predators away.

Cheagle Woods is a forest north of Engeve in Tales of the Abyss. The woods are notable due to the rare cheagles that live there.


Prior to the events of the story, a young cheagle named Mieu accidentally burned the home of the ligers, and the incident caused the ligers to move and hunt the cheagles for food. Despite being herbivores with plenty of vegetation in their forest, the cheagles were forced to steal food from Engeve's storage facilities in order to appease the ligers. Later, Luke fon Fabre and Tear Grants visit the woods in order to investigate the food thefts in Engeve. There, they discover Fon Master Ion using a Daathic fonic arte to defeat a group of monsters attacking him. The two agree to take Ion with them in order to protect him. Upon stumbling across the tree in which the cheagles reside, the trio meet with the Cheagle Elder, who subsequently confesses to the thefts at Engeve, using the Sorcerer's Ring to communicate with them.

However, after hearing the Elder's explanation, the trio agree to speak with the ligers hunting the cheagles. The Elder then assigns Mieu to accompany them and serve as a translator. When they arrive at the liger's lair, Luke and Tear are forced to fight the Liger Queen; however, unable to defeat her, they are aided by Jade Curtiss, who swiftly helps relinquish the monster. Upon exiting the woods, Luke and Tear are arrested by Jade and imprisoned on the Tartarus. Later in the story, the group eventually returns to the woods in order to face the God-General Arietta and her monster companions, as she seeks vengeance for the death of the Liger Queen, whom she considers her mother, and Ion, who died in Mt. Zaleho. Arietta is defeated, and the God-General Largo carries her deceased body away, telling Anise Tatlin not to feel pity for her enemy.

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