The Chimeriad (ToX)
Game Tales of Xillia
Tales of Xillia 2
Leader Gaius
Notable Members Agria
Headquarters Kanbalar

The Chimeriad (四象刃フォーヴ Foovu?, "Fauve") is a quartet of warriors in direct service of King Gaius in Tales of Xillia, commonly enacting important missions on behalf of Auj Oule. Although antagonistic throughout the entirety of the story, their actions prove to be in good intent, and at one point, they work in tandem with the group, at the behest of Gaius. In Tales of Xillia 2, they appear in various fractured dimensions.


The Chimeriad is comprised of four members: Agria, Jiao, Presa, and Wingul. Each member operates under an alias; specifically, these code names are associated with the anatomy of the ancient chimera, which also serves as the namesake of the group as well: Jiao means "horn", Agria means "stinger", Presa means "fang", and Wingul means "wing". In addition, each member is aesthetically associated with a particular element: Agria with Fire, Jiao with Earth, Presa with Water, and Wingul with Wind. Perhaps the Chimeriad's greatest feat and proof of their power is when they were sent to defend Shrade Island and alone defeated 120 Rashugal soldiers. This event initiated Agria into the group as its final member, having accompanied the others at the request of Presa.


  • Agria the Shadowless (無影のアグリア Muyou no Aguria?)
  • Jiao the Immovable (不動のジャオ Fudou no Jao?)
  • Presa of the Hundred Spells (百術のプレザ Hyakujutsu no Pureza?)
  • Wingul the Nova (革命のウィンガル Kakumei no Uingaru?)


Agria (tvtropes) Jiao (tvtropes) Presa (tvtropes) Wingul (tvtropes)
Agria Jiao Presa Wingul

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