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Game Tales of Hearts
Age 2,000+
Race Mechanoid (Ace)
Occupation Guardian Knight
Japanese Voice Actor Kouji Yusa
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Chlorseraph (クロアセラフ Kuroaserafu?, "Chroa-Seraph") is a minor antagonist in Tales of Hearts and one of the mechanoids, mechanical beings with an artificial spirune created by the ancient Quart civilization.


Chlorseraph served as a guardian knight of Fluora Spodumene along with his brother Clinoseraph. He appears to serve Creed Graphite, as Creed seeks to free his mistress, Fluora, from the seal on Gardenia. He has an interest that borders on obsession towards Kunzite, and he harbors a deep resentment toward Lithia Spodumene for the attention and loyalty she receives from Kunzite. According to both Kunzite and Chlorseraph himself, he and his brother are Ace-type mechanoids, the strongest battle oriented type, and they are also capable of linking with each other to increase their combat abilities in a similar manner to the spir link abilities that the protagonists can use. Chlorseraph serves at the attack half of the duo, with his dual sword soma and his volatile personality.


Seraph Brothers.jpg
Artwork for Tales of Hearts. 


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