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Choral Castle
Choral Castle (TotA)
Game Tales of the Abyss
World Auldrant
Country Kimlasca-Lanvaldear
Region Rugnica
Ruler King Ingobert VI
A vacation home owned by Duke Fabre which was abandoned when the war began 16 years ago. Luke was found here 7 years ago.

Choral Castle is a private castle located on the Rugnican continent in Tales of the Abyss.


Choral Castle is Kimlasca's territory, located on Rugnica, south of Kaitzur and east of the Kaitzur Naval Port. It once served as the Fabre family's vacation home and was also where Luke fon Fabre was found after his apparent kidnapping. The castle sits next to the sea, granting its atmosphere with a misty air. Having long been abandoned, the interior is old, dust-ridden, and unwelcoming, with several monsters and ghosts lurking throughout.


Luke and his companions journey to the castle in order to rescue the chief engineer from the Kaitzur Naval Port, who was captured by the God-General Arietta. Approaching the castle, they notice recent activity, which prompts them to enter prepared. Inside, Luke wanders ahead and is attacked by a strange, fon-tech doll designed to prevent intruders. The group defeats it and proceeds deeper into the castle. They then come across a basement area, where they discover a large, fon-tech machine. While Jade Curtiss has his suspicions about the device, he remains silent. Suddenly, a startled Anise Tatlin jumps on Guy Cecil, triggering his gynophobia and causing him to have a panic attack. Jade suggests it to be more than a startled reaction, and Guy explains that a part of his memory is missing: when his family was killed.

Upon reaching the roof of the castle, Arietta ambushes the group by sending her Hraesvelgr, a flying creature, to abduct Luke and Fon Master Ion. Instead of Ion, she catches Anise, but orders her monster friend to release her and hand Luke over to fellow God-General, Dist. As Luke regains consciousness, he realizes he is restrained on the fon-tech machine they saw in the basement. Dist and Sync, another God-General, proceed to open his fon slots and obtain his replica data. Guy soon appears, rescues Luke, and steals the data from Sync. They fight, and Sync loses his mask in the struggle, revealing his true identity to Guy. Sync quickly recovers his mask and escapes when the others arrive, claiming the mission was unofficial.

After Luke rejoins with the others, they return to the roof to confront Arietta once more. There, Luke uses Mieu to ward off the Hraesvelgr, which infuriates Arietta. She begs for Ion to return to her before claiming she will kill them all, seeking vengeance for the death of her "mother", the Liger Queen. The fight ensues, and Arietta loses. Jade prepares to kill her when Van Grants intervenes, taking Arietta into custody and escorting the chief back to the port.


  • The Sword Dancer can be fought for the first time in the game here.

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