Class M
Anime Concept Class M
Game Tales of the Abyss
Hometown Sheridan
Race Humans
Occupation Researchers
Japanese Voice Actor Aston
•Adachi Takahide (anime)
•Chafurin (game, anime)
•Nitta Makiko (anime)

Class M is a trio of researchers in Tales of the Abyss consisting of Aston (アストン Asuton?), Iemon (イエモン?), and Tamara (タマラ?). Settled in Sheridan, they are rivals to Belkend's Class I.


Born in N.D. 1952, Iemon serves the role of leader for Class M. Although their rivalry with Class I fuels their competitive research, Class M tends to acknowledge the talents of Class I and even collaborates with them in aiding the protagonists descend into Auldrant's core and stabilize its vibration in hopes of reducing the production of miasma. Iemon's grandchildren, Noelle and Ginji, pilot the different variants of the flying Albiore, technology from the Dawn Age that was resurrected by Class M. In protecting the group, the three members of Class M are killed in an onslaught led by the God-General Legretta.

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