Climbers' Cavern
Game Tales of Rebirth
World Calegia
Region Western Hemisphere

Climbers' Cavern (登山洞 Tozanhora?, "Climbing Cave") is a dungeon located on the southern half of the mountains surrounding Babilograd in Tales of Rebirth.


The cavern serves as the only land access to Babilograd due to the remotely high location of the city. A natural cavern formed by the erosion of the mountain's surface due to rain, Climbers' Cavern was fashioned into a passageway through the mountain by the people of Babilograd. Due to there being a holy temple in Babilograd, the cavern also became a path for those making a pilgrimage to the temple. The group traverses the dungeon in order to reach Babilograd and board a ship that will take them to the capital of Balka.

Unlike other dungeons in the game that have random encounters, an ominous fog initiates battles if the onscreen characters comes into contact with it. Within the cavern, the group finds and aids the comic relief trio of antagonists known as the Dark Wings before proceeding and eventually being forced to fight the King's Shield's Donnell, who uses his Force of Earth to fashion clay dolls that accompany him in battle.