Clunky Bomb (クランキーボム Kurankiibomu?) is a base arte used exclusively by Patty Fleur in the PlayStation 3 port of Tales of Vesperia.

Arte Description and History

Upon activation, Patty will throw a bomb at the target, throw knives at it to juggle it in the air, and finally, make it explode by shooting it with her gun. The bomb will explode randomly. Sometimes it will explode from one of the knives or as soon as Patty throws it. If it explodes as soon as Patty throws it, she will receive damage and be knocked down. The damage can be be negated at a 40% chance if Patty has the "Bust Security" skill equipped. If Patty has the "Gambler's Soul" skill equipped, this arte will have extra range, deal extra damage, and have a 50% chance to cause the "Stun" status ailment.


Mothership Titles

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