Colère de Neptune (ネプテューヌレイジ Neputuunureiji?, "Neptune Rage") is Ines Lorenzen's mystic arte in Tales of Hearts.

Arte Description and History

Once executed, Ines spins her Soma, creating whirlpool that flows around her. From this point emerges a water dragon controlled by her that crushes every enemies in front.


Mothership Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Hearts

Japanese Quote: 安心して… きもちよぉ~く逝かせてあげる… ただし行き先は… 地獄の底よッ!ネプテューヌレイジ!
Romanized Quote: Anshishte... Kimochi yoku ikasete ageru... Tadashi ikisaki wa... Jigoku no soko yo! Neputuunureiji!
Translated Quote: "Don't worry... I will kindly let you go. But where you are going... is into the deepest throes of hell! Neptune Rage!"

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