Concealed Blade (懐刀 Futokorogatana?, "Pocketed Katana") is a martial arte exclusive to Rokurou Rangetsu from Tales of Berseria.

Arte Description and History

Rokurou performs a front-flip, first striking his opponent with his left foot, then slashes his short swords downward, damaging the enemy. In Tales of Zestiria, this arte is Void-elemental, has a chance to inflict the "Stun" status ailment, has a 25% chance to decrease the target's P.ATK, and is effective against amorphous foes.


Mothership Titles

Mobile Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Berseria

Localized Description: "A combo attacks that starts out with a leaping kick down at the target followed by a double slashing attack."