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Game Tales of Hearts
Hometown Cind'rella
Age 2,000+
Race Mechanoid (Joker)
Japanese Voice Actor Tomoko Kaneda
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Corundum (コランダーム Korandaamu?) is a minor antagonist in Tales of Hearts. She is a robot girl who serves as the villainous harlequin of Creed Graphite's faction.

Appearance and Personality

Corundum appears as a young girl with violet eyes and blond hair fashioned into two curled pigtails. She wears a yellow, plated coat adorned with a red jewel in the center and a black tiara with a purple jewel on her head. As a Joker-type mechanoid, Corundum is designed more for practical use and data-gathering rather than battle. She is obsessed with gathering information and is driven more by curiosity than anything else.


  • Corundum derives from the mineral of the same name.

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