Crown Fire (ブレイズスウォーム Bureizusuwoomu?, "Blaze Swarm") is a Fire-elemental seraphic arte in Tales of Zestiria and Tales of Berseria.

Arte Description and HistoryEdit

At first, a few wisps of wind circle around the enemy, then suddenly burst with fire, damaging enemies in a medium area while launching smaller targets into the air. In Tales of Zestiria, this arte has a 6% chance to inflict the "Burn" status ailment, and in Tales of Zestiria and Tales of Berseria this arte is also Wind-elemental.


Mothership TitlesEdit

Mobile TitlesEdit

In-Game Descriptions and Battle QuotesEdit

Tales of BerseriaEdit

Localized Description: "Sends a flow of fire forward."

User: Magilou
Japanese Quote: 炎飛び交ってしまうのか?ブレイズスウォーム!
Romanized Quote: Honou tobikatte shimau no ka? Bureizusuoomu!
Localized Quote: "Is it hot, or is it just me? Crown Fire!"