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Deo Pass
Deo Pass (TotA)
Game Tales of the Abyss
World Auldrant
Country Kimlasca-Lanvaldear
Region Rugnica
Ruler King Ingobert VI

Deo Pass is a mountain trail located on the Rugnican continent in Tales of the Abyss.


Deo Pass is located on Rugnica, northeast from the Kaitzur Naval Port and leading to Akzeriuth. The path was built wide enough to accommodate carriages, but rock slides have made it nearly impassable. The terrain is rough, with many large boulders and very few trees. Many ropes and makeshift ladders can be found throughout the trail.


The group crosses Deo Pass in order to reach Akzeriuth and rescue its citizens from the miasma engulfing the town. When they first arrive at the mountain pass, Luke fon Fabre claims they should not have wasted time in the desert to rescue Fon Master Ion since he is the ambassador. Consequently, this furiously provokes the rest of the group, notably Anise Tatlin, Ion's guardian. Nonetheless, they proceed, stopping at one point to allow Ion to rest, despite Luke's disapproval. Near the exit of the mountain pass, the group encounters the God-General Legretta, who demands to know why Tear Grants is accompanying them.

When the group questions her motives, Legretta claims she is acting on her wishes to eliminate Yulia Jue's Score. Surprised, the group fails to fathom the thought, considering the Score's influence in the world. When the group refuses to back down, Legretta attacks, and they are forced into a fight. Upon defeat, Legretta tells Tear to "get away from that reject", referring to Luke and his status as a replica, which Jade Curtiss quickly distinguishes. Jade then asks Legretta if they have revived a forbidden technology, and she answers, claiming that if he is speaking about fomicry, then yes. Jade warns her of its consequences, not to mention banishment, but she claims it is too late. Legretta then leaves while Jade collects himself, and the group proceeds toward Akzeriuth.

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