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The Devil's Arms (闇の装備品 Yami no Soubihin?, lit. "Dark Equipment") are series of cursed weapons from Tales of Symphonia that are collected to help Abyssion. Each Devil's Arm is specific to one character in the party, with the exception of "Soul Eater" and "Fafnir", as Kratos Aurion and Zelos Wilder can use both swords and daggers. They have no attack power and typically have negative effects, but their attack ratings will increase with every monster killed after beating Abyssion.


The party meets Abyssion at Flanoir after unknowingly obtaining one of the arms. Abyssion tells them the story about a man named Nebilim who sought to conquer Tethe'alla. He was defeated by a single swordsman, but Nebilim infused the swordsman's nine equipment and cursed his descendants. Abyssion is the last of these descendants who become demon hunters but is weakened by the curse. He gives the party the Nebilim weapon and Nebilim's Key which allows them to open the chests that contain Devil's Arms, and he asks them to find the others for him. Abyssion promises to seal them at the bottom level the Temple of Darkness once gathered. Presea Combatir shows discomfort when the Devil's Arms are gathered, however, and after obtaining the Disaster, Abyssion tells them of a legend that the Arms will sometimes choose a wielder and transform them into a magic swordsman under their control, though Abyssion says that they will be fine as long as they do not hear the Arms' voices.

Once all of the Devil's Arms are gathered, however, Abyssion uses them alongside the Necronomicon to revive the power of the Dark Lord Nebilim in his own body. Wielding the Devil's Arms themselves in battle, Abyssion is a formidable foe, but the party subdues him. In his defeat, Nebilim's darkness attempts to take over Presea, who can hear the Arms, but Colette Brunel's holy powers stop the possession, and Genis Sage uses Fireball to destroy the Necronomicon to prevent future incidents.

The Devil's Arms consist of the following weapons:

  • Nebilim (魔剣ネビリム Maken Nebilim?, lit. "Demon Sword Nebilim") - The twin blade Devil's Arm. It is obtained from Abyssion when the events begin, though either the "Evil Eye" or "Soul Eater" must be acquired first.
  • Evil Eye (魔眼イビルアイ Magan Evil Eye?, lit. "Demon Eye Evil Eye") - The ring Devil's Arm. It can be obtained in the remains of the "Bacura" at the Toize Valley Mine in Tethe'alla.
  • Disaster (ビジャスコア Bija Score?) - The kendama Devil's Arm. It is acquired from a gambler standing on the Casino's bridge in Altamira. A fee is asked for to obtain the weapon, but no payment is actually required.
  • Heart of Chaos (魔杖ケイオスハート Majou Chaos Heart?, lit. "Demon Staff Chaos Heart") - The rod Devil's Arm. Once the party obtains all of the other Devil's Arms and talks to Abyssion, Raine Sage trades one of her personal items to Koton for it at Hakonesia Peak.
  • Soul Eater (魔剣ソウルイーター Maken Soul Eater?, lit. "Demon Sword Soul Eater") - The sword Devil's Arm. The party obtains it by defeating the "Sand Worm" near the Sylvarant Base at the request of people in Triet.
  • Fafnir (邪剣ファフニール Jaken Fafnir?, lit. "Evil Sword Fafnir") - The dagger Devil's Arm. It can be found in a chest in the Gaoracchia Forest.
  • Gates of Hell (魔符黒翼 Mafu Kuroyoku?, lit. "Demon Seals Black Wings") - The card Devil's Arm. It can be found in a chest in the Temple of Earth after reuniting all of the Gnomelettes.
  • Diablos (魔斧ディアボロス Maono Diabolos?, lit. "Demon Axe Diabolos") - The axe Devil's Arm. It can be found in a chest in the Latheon Gorge.
  • Apocalypse (魔装アポカリプス Masou Apocalypse?, lit. "Demon Equipment Apocalypse") - The leg guard Devil's Arm. It can be found in a chest in Welgaia.

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