Dirk's House
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Sylvarant
Region Southwestern Continent

Dirk's House is the home of Lloyd Irving and his dwarven foster-faster, Dirk, in Tales of Symphonia. It is located in the world of Sylvarant.


Dirk's House is first visited by Lloyd in the beginning of the story after the incident at the Iselia Human Ranch. Once there, he asks Dirk to make a Key Crest for Marble, the prisoner he and Genis Sage met at the ranch. Dirk refuses, and the two of them begin arguing, with Dirk revealing the truth behind Lloyd's mother's death: she was killed by the Desians in order to protect the Exsphere that Lloyd uses. Lloyd is furious since he always believed that his mother was killed in an accident and asks Dirk why he never told him. Dirk then tells Lloyd to stay out of the Journey of Regeneration, as Colette Brunel will fulfill the duty of a Chosen and regenerate the world. When Lloyd refuses, Dirk attempts to hit him, causing Lloyd to run out of the house, where he meets Colette, Genis, Kratos Aurion, and Raine Sage.

The day afterward, when Lloyd finished Colette's birthday present, he goes to talk to Dirk, who is standing before Anna's grave. When Lloyd tries to talk to him, Dirk gives him a Key Crest for Marble, as well as several other items for the journey. The dwarf says that Lloyd should remember that he tried to stop him, so he is on his own. Lloyd is touched by the words, and Dirk says that he can come back again whenever he wants, as this is his home and Dirk is his father, regardless of blood. Genis then appears in hysterics. He asks where Lloyd has been and reveals that Colette and the others left long ago, prompting the two to return to Iselia and investigate.

The area is later visited by the group to see if Dirk can make a Key Crest for Colette, but knowing he can not, they spend the night and leave the next day. Toward the end of the story, after the events in Heimdall, the group visits Dirk's House to have Dirk make the "Eternal Ring", which will enable Lloyd to use the Eternal Sword. After crafting the ring, Kratos gives Lloyd his finest sword, Flamberge, while Dirk gives him the best sword he has ever crafted, the Vorpal Sword, as he promised to give Lloyd a gift when he had become a man. Together, these swords form the Material Blade. If Kratos does not join the team, he will stay at Dirk's House to recover from his wounds from the fight against Lloyd in Torent Forest. Here, he and Dirk will talk how much Lloyd has grown. At the end of the story, Lloyd visits Dirk's House a final time to talk with his mother, leaving Flamberge at her grave.