Divine Streak (ディバインストリーク Dibainsutoriiku?) is an advanced Light-elemental spell in the Tales series.

Arte Description and History

When Divine Streak is executed, the user fires a stream of golden light from a glyph that appears in front of them. The beam of light is directed toward the direction the user is facing, but in Tales of Xillia, Rowen J. Ilbert is capable of moving the beam's direction of focus through his "Arte Tuning" special ability, represented by the player using the left control stick. However, if the tuning skills are not applied, then the arte and other artes that are controllable remain fixed, directed in the path or at the location where the arte is activated. Milla Maxwell is not capable of the same feat, instead being able to convert the spell into the arte Radiant Rondo.


Mothership Titles

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In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Vesperia

Japanese Quote: 恒久なる彼方より現れ、闇を滅せよ! ディバインストリーク!
Romanized Quote: Koukyuunaru kanatayori araware, yami wo messeyo! Dibainsutoriiku!
Translated Quote: "Appear and become permanent from one side to extinguish the darkness! Divine Streak!"

Shortened Casting Duration:
Japanese Quote: ぶっ飛べ!ディバインストリーク!
Romanized Quote: Buttobe! Dibainsutoriiku!
Translated Quote: "Scatter! Divine Streak!"

Tales of Xillia

User: Milla Maxwell
Localized Description: "Divine light of the heavens. Hold O to cast it, or release it early to use the Radiant Rondo light attack."

User: Rowen J. Ilbert
Localized Description: "A spirit arte that blasts foes with light from a channeling circle. Use Left Control Stick to aim the ray of light."

Users: Milla Maxwell, Rowen J. Ilbert
Japanese Quote: 虚空より出でし霊光、万物を打ち払わん! ディバインストリーク!
Romanized Quote: Kokuu yori dedeshi reikou, banbutsu wo uchiharawan! Dibainsutoriiku!
Translated Quote: "Come out from the void, divine light, and brush away all creation! Divine Streak!"
Localized Quote: "Light, shine through and banish the darkness! Divine Streak!"