Divine Wolf (ToV)

Divine Wolf as it appears in Tales of Vesperia.

Divine Wolf (天狼滅牙 Tenroumetsuga?, "Heaven Wolf Destroy Fang") is a burst arte used by Yuri Lowell in Tales of Vesperia.

Arte Description and History

Divine Wolf - Storm (ToV)

Divine Wolf - Storm as it appears in Tales of Vesperia.

Once activated, Divine Wolf consists of a series of slashes that end up downing the enemy. The second level allows adds a final slash that slices through the enemy, and the third version adds another that strikes the unguarded back. As with most of the playable characters' burst artes, it comes with four altered artes: Fire though the passive skills "Hell Fire" and "Chain", Earth through "Athenor" and "Crucible", Wind through "Gale" and "Alembic", and Water through "Great Deluge" and "Dispersion". The four altered artes consist of the following:

  • Fire: Divine Wolf - Blaze (天狼滅牙・飛炎 Tenroumetsuga Hien?, "Heaven Wolf Destroy Fang Scatter Flame") alters the end of the arte to be a flaming, rising slash. The second level adds an additional rising slash, while the third releases a bolt of flame that spikes the enemy back to the ground.
  • Earth: Divine Wolf - Crush (天狼滅牙・砕覇 Tenroumetsuga Saiha?, "Heaven Wolf Destroy Fang Break Supremacy") alters the end of the slashes to have Yuri punch the ground. He then performs a flip that releases jagged spikes of earth, whose size and number increases with the level of the user's Over Limit.
  • Wind: Divine Wolf - Storm (天狼滅牙・風迅 Tenroumetsuga Fuujin?, "Heaven Wolf Destroy Fang Wind Swift") alters the end of the slashes to be a blast of wind, whose size and piercing power increase with Over Limit level.
  • Water: Divine Wolf - Flood (天狼滅牙・水蓮 Tenroumetsuga Suiren?, "Heaven Wolf Destroy Fang Water Lotus") alters the arte entirely. Yuri punches the ground to prepare a circle of water. He then thrusts his weapon into the earth, forcing upward a liquid geyser. The area of effect the attack covers increases with Over Limit level.


In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes


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