EX Dungeon (隠しダンジョン Kakushi Danjon?, "Hidden Dungeon") is a type of a difficult dungeon available after completing the game or just before completing the game in some titles in the Tales series. They are meant to test the player's battle abilities with strong opponents, many of them being cameos of playable characters from previous entries in the series, and often contain gimmicks not found elsewhere. EX Dungeons generally have little relevance to the main story of any Tales entry.


Game Dungeon
Tales of Phantasia Morlia Mineshaft
Tales of Destiny (PSX) Tower of Druaga
Tales of Destiny (PS2) Arcana Ruins
Tales of Eternia Nereid's Labyrinth
Tales of Destiny 2 Aqua Labyrinth
Tales of Symphonia Niflheim
Tales of Rebirth Cyglorg's Chambers
Tales of the Abyss Abyss Replica Facility
Tales of Innocence R Triverse Gate
Tales of Vesperia Labyrinth of Memories
Tales of Hearts R Triverse Gate
Tales of Graces Zhonecage
Tales of Xillia Magnus Zero
Tales of Xillia 2 Illusionary Darkness
Tales of Zestiria The Calix
Tales of Berseria The Heavenly Steppes

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