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EX Dungeon (隠しダンジョン Kakushi Danjon?, "Hidden Dungeon") is a type of a difficult dungeon available after completing the game or just before completing the game in some titles in the Tales series. They are meant to test the player's battle abilities with strong opponents, many of them being cameos of playable characters from previous entries in the series, and often contain gimmicks not found elsewhere. EX Dungeons generally have little relevance to the main story of any Tales entry.


Tales of Phantasia

The lower levels of the Morlia Mineshaft are the EX Dungeon of Tales of Phantasia. The game further enhances the difficulty by destroying the party's Holy Bottles upon entry, preventing them from decreasing the encounter rate. The levels are filled with strong enemies, numerous traps, and devious puzzles but also contain rare and powerful treasure. In all versions, the Wyvern guards the Dwarven Temple on the final level which contains the best treasure, while most releases also allow Claus to form a pact with Pluto if the Spirit is defeated.

Tales of Destiny (PSX)

The Tower of Druaga is the EX Dungeon for PlayStation release of Tales of Destiny. Based heavily on the arcade game of the same name, it is a sixty floor affair filled with monsters directly from the game as well as the game's propensity toward secret methods of advancing and obtaining treasure. Druaga himself can be fought at the end.

Tales of Eternia

Nereid's Labyrinth is the EX Dungeon in Tales of Eternia and can be accessed from the Celestia side of the Orbus Barrier. The dungeon's pathways are randomized with each run. It has the special mechanic where only one character can be used per floor and then cannot be used again until the final floor, requiring the player to have familiarity with all characters.

Tales of Destiny 2

The Aqua Labyrinth can be accessed in a basement in Aquaveil after finding 15 stones scattered on the World Map. There are 25 levels in the dungeon, with the occasional mini-boss, usually Barbatos Goetia. When the bosses are defeated, they drop chests with powerful weapons. In the PlayStation Portable port of the game, one of these bosses is changed to Leon Magnus. When the player reaches the 25th floor, the boss, Magnadeus, will be waiting to fight the party. Once the player has defeated Magnadeus, Karyl Sheeden appears and speaks to the player.

Tales of Vesperia

The Labyrinth of Memories is the EX Dungeon of Tales of Vesperia. It is a special location that features segments from every city and dungeon within the game. The Labyrinth comprises several stages that the player must go through and most of them are guarded by a Memory version from every boss previously faced in the game. Also not all paths through the labyrinth are created equal; some lead to bosses and others do not.

The objective of the dungeon is to get to the last area of the labyrinth and defeat the Traitor to Heaven. To do so the player will need to collect 15 Fake Gald to get through the final portal, otherwise it will transported to the entrance and begin all over again. Fake Gald is earned randomly from bosses or randomly found in chests. Defeating it in the Labyrinth of Memories rewards the party with the final "Letter of Challenge" needed to participate in the 200-Man-Melee, in which he is the last cameo challenger.

Tales of Graces

The EX Dungeon of Tales of Graces is the Zhonecage, a maze inside the Foselos. The Zhonecage contains ten boss battles consisting of non-playable characters of the game, playable characters from other games in the series, and characters story-tied with the EX dungeon; this last group is known as "Terma Ten". All enemies in the Zhonecage are subject to a steady stat increase, which can be decreased by defeating the enemies and using special devices that drain enemies' power.

Tales of Hearts R

The Triverse Gate is the EX Dungeon of Tales of Hearts R. It is a special location that connects worlds, featuring locations from all over the world that eventually bleed into its own scenery. Before the main gate can be traversed, two auxiliary entrances in the Anders Mine and in the Schehera Desert must be cleared first. The dungeon also features Shadow versions of the playable characters that require Shadow Gems obtained in various locations to be unlocked. Should the player defeat the final boss Faldealmus and later defeat Creed Graphite at the end of the game, a secret ending will appear involving Gall Gruner crossing through the sealed gate at the end of the Triverse Gate. On the other side, Gall meets with QQ Selezneva and several soldiers from Tales of Innocence R, clearly surprised that there is a survivor coming from the gate.

Tales of Xillia

Magnus Zero is the EX dungeon of Tales of Xillia. It is a conglomeration of various locations of Rieze Maxia and Elympios, as well as the domain where Golden Mage Knight exists.

Tales of Xillia 2

The Illusionary Darkness is the EX dungeon of Tales of Xillia 2. Ludger Will Kresnik and his companions are tested here by two Great Spirits, Shadow and Verius. Only Ludger and characters with an affinity level of eight or higher can enter the Illusionary Darkness.

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