Eleanor Hume
Game Tales of Berseria
Age 18
Height 165 cm
Race Human
Occupation Praetor Exorcist
Weapon Spear
Japanese Voice Actor Ami Koshimizu
English Voice Actor Erica Mendez[1]
Character Designer Kousuke Fujishima

Eleanor Hume (エレノア・ヒューム Erenoa Huumu?) is a protagonist in Tales of Berseria. She lost people precious to her during the Scarlet Night, so she joined the Abbey as an exorcist. During her extermination of daemons, she encounters Velvet Crowe on several occasions.

Appearance and Personality

Eleanor has light skin, green eyes, and reddish hair. She wears a pale gold dress with a blue overcoat, colors of the Abbey. She is a kindhearted and compassionate woman. In addition, she tries to affect an air of ruthlessness and logic that is expected of an exorcist, but her true nature shines though. She never forgets that she joined the Abbey to help people, and when she has exterminated daemons, she also listens and tries to help the populace in general.

Fighting Style

Eleanor specializes in wielding her spear, using it for wide, sweeping attacks not unlike Alisha Diphda from Tales of Zestiria. Her martial artes are spear attacks, focused on thrusting and a few of them drain enemy's HP, while her malak artes focus on the Fire element. She is a good close and mid-range attacker, while lacking the ability to fight at long distance. Eleanor's Break Soul is Aerial Strike, which is a rising sweep that knocks enemies into the air. She can eventually learn abilities that allow her to follow them into the air and perform aerial combos. Her mystic artes are Spiral Hail, which is a series of thrusts that ends with a vortex at the end of her spear, Lostfon Drive, and Gungnir Twister. She also shares a dual mystic arte with Magilou known as Excelion Pierce.


Eleanor Status (ToB).jpg
Status image in Tales of Berseria. 
Eleanor Cut-in (ToB).jpg
Cut-in image for Tales of Berseria. 
Eleanor BS Render.jpg
Eleanor Hume (ToA).png
Artwork for Tales of Asteria. 
Eleanor Hume (ToLink).png
Artwork for Tales of Link. 
Chibi Eleanor.png
Chibi artwork. 


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