Elixir Vitae (ディスペルキュア Disuperukyua?, "Dispel Cure") is a Water-elemental healing seraphic arte exclusive to the Water Armatus in Tales of Zestiria and Laphicet in Tales of Berseria.

Arte Description and History

Three white circles at slightly varying angles appear around the target, white wisps surrounding them and mildly bursting. This arte heals a large amount of HP and cures all physical and magical status ailments from the target. This arte's Japanese name references two recurring spells, Dispel and Cure, as well as replicates both at the same time.


Mothership Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Berseria

Localized Description: "Removes all status ailments from an ally and greatly restores their HP."

User: Laphicet
Localized Quote: "Through troubles, receive life's blessing! Elixir Vitae!"

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