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Elize Lutus
Elize Lutus (ToX)
Game Tales of Xillia
Tales of Xillia 2
Age 12 (ToX)
13 (ToX2)
Height 4'9" / 145 cm
Race Human
Weapon Teepo / Staff
Japanese Voice Actor Yuki Horinaka

Elize Lutus (エリーゼ・ルタス Eriize Rutasu?, "Elise Lutus") is one of the protagonists of Tales of Xillia. She is a young girl from the mountain village of Hamil in Auj Oule. Despite her age, she is a master of spirit magic.


Elize aids in the escape of Alvin, Jude Mathis, and Milla Maxwell the first time the party arrives at Hamil, and she later meets them again when they return. She is shown being pelted by rocks by the villagers, and it is very clear that the people of Hamil are not fond of her being there. However, Jude helps her, and she runs off to a house in the back of the village, where Jude has a talk with her and becomes her first friend. He soon convinces the rest of the party to allow her to come along, and thus she leaves Hamil with her new friends, joining the party initially as a non-playable character.

The party passes through Sapstrath Deepwood on their way to Sharliton, where Elize joins the party by demonstrating that she can heal them with her artes. On their way out of the forest, they come across Jiao, who is trying to bring Elize back to the village of Hamil, and he reveals that he has known her since before she came to Hamil. Elize shows that she is afraid of returning with him, and the party resolves to protect her, resulting in a fight against Jiao. Afterward, everyone escapes the forest safely and heads into Sharliton, where they meet Driselle Sharil, one of the Sharil siblings, and Elize befriends her quickly.

Appearance and Personality

Elize is very quiet and shy due to the eerie and strange environment in which she was raised. She carries a purple doll called Teepo who does most of the talking for her. Though she dislikes the company of most people, she does harbor a crush on Jude Mathis, who rescued her from the persecution she suffered in her hometown. In fact, she states that Jude is her first very best friend. As the story proceeds, she gradually opens up and forms strong relationships with all the party members. At the end of the game, Elize seals Teepo's power, which marks the beginning of her emotional independence.

Fighting Style

Elize wields staves in battle and specializes in healing and dark spirit magic. Her primary stat for her Lilium Orb is Mind, which affords her the highest magical defense of the party. Elize, with the aid of Teepo, can perform both melee attacks and spirit magic. Elize's characteristic skill is "Teepo Switching" (スイッチングティポ?, "Switching Tipo"), which has two modes.

During "Teepo On", Teepo rides on her back, enabling ranged attacks from her staff and increasing the strength of her spirit artes, giving various bonus effects and reducing casting time. During "Teepo Off", Teepo hovers around her, enabling enhanced melee attacks which are delivered through him. In addition, Elize's running speed is faster when Teepo is off, allowing her to quickly put distance between herself and enemies. Elize's partner characteristic support skill is "Teepo Drain" (ティポドレイン Teepodorein?, "Tipo Drain"). While she is the secondary partner, Teepo will intermittently suck some of the energy out of the targeted enemy, converting it into a small amount of HP and TP for both her and the primary partner. Elize is best utilized against Technical-type enemies who focus on using artes.


Elize Status (ToX).png
Elize's status image in Tales of Xillia. 
Elize Cut-in (ToX).png
Elize's cut-in image for Scary-Go-Round in Tales of Xillia. 
Elize Lutus (ToX2).jpg
Elize's official artwork for Tales of Xillia 2. 
Elize Status (ToX2).jpg
Elize's status image in Tales of Xillia 2. 
Elize Cut-in (ToX2) 1.png
Elize's cut-in image for Scary-Go-Round in Tales of Xillia 2. 
Elize Cut-in (ToX2) 2.png
Elize's cut-in image for Infernal Crescendo in Tales of Xillia 2. 

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