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Game Tales of Destiny 2
Age 27
Occupation Head of the Order of Atamoni
Weapon Staff
Japanese Voice Actor Yoshiko Sakakibara
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Elrane (エルレイン Erurein?) is a central antagonist in Tales of Destiny 2.


The Holy Woman of the Order of Atamoni, Elrane is worshiped as a living manifestation of the goddess Fortuna. She takes joy in granting happiness to people, and is able to create miracles at will by drawing power out of Lens in a fashion similar to Reala. For this reason, people flock to her with offerings of Lens in order to receive her blessing. She wishes to create a world that worships only one goddess, and where everyone is "happy".

Elrane serves as the primary antagonist, as the protagonist, Kyle Dunamis, and his companions wish to kill the goddess and liberate the human race from Fortuna's interference and control. She seeks to change the outcome of the Aeth'er Wars in order to give the power of Lens to all people using Dycroft as a distribution system. She views herself as an extension of Fortuna, with her only responsibility being to aid the ascendancy of such with the assistance of Barbatos Goetia.

Appearance and Personality

Elrane Concept

Elrane is a woman of an elegant, graceful demeanor, carrying herself as the fitting pinnacle of the Order of Atamoni. She has light skin and brown hair that is braided into two hoops at the sides of her face and down into a long ponytail that reaches the ground and is fastened with a jeweled orb. Her stern facial expression is accomplished through her delicate, seemingly-colorless eyes and minimum makeup.

Elrane dons an elaborate, religious hat of white and gold design that flaunts two red jewels in front: a small one at her forehead and a large one at top. Her extravagant attire consists of a large, almost medieval-resembling white dress with black and yellow intricacies. The large collars of the dress conceal Elrane's arms and hands, instead displaying only a black-ruffled void in each. At the torso center of her dress lies a golden, winged emblem accompanied by yet another jeweled orb, which is replicated once more down below, accompanied by two more orbs and a blue material. The underside of Elrane's dress, though rarely visible, reveals a dark purple robe.

Fighting Style

Elrane Cut-in (ToD2)

Cut-in image for Tales of Destiny 2.

In battle, Elrane fights using an unusual staff with glowing blue ends. Although she uses her weapon to strike enemies when they are close to her, she mostly applies it to spell channeling, casting powerful Light-elemental spells with little to no chanting time. Elrane has access to all the game's Light spells, the strongest of these being Sol Bright, and yields the powerful non-elemental Twinkle Star, Mix Master, and Indignant Judgment, the last of these, along with Sol Bright, granting her a cut-in in the PlayStation Portable version of the game. Despite the game's heavy reliance on extensions, Elrane is capable of using both Trinity Spark and Mix Master normally or as extensions, a luxury not afforded to the game's playable characters. During her final battle, she uses three Field of Effects to inflict the "Freeze", "Weak", and "Slow" status ailments on nearby victims.


Elrane (ToCE).png
Artwork for Tales of Card Evolve. 
Elrane (ToLink).png
Artwork for Tales of Link. 


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