Extreme Stars (エクストリームスターズ Ekusutoriimusutaazu?) is Estelle's burst arte in Tales of Vesperia.

Arte Description and History

Extreme Stars consists of a series of rapid thrusts. Higher levels of the arte increases the number of thrusts. As with most of the playable characters' burst artes, it comes with four altered artes: Fire though the passive skills "Hell Fire" and "Chain", Earth through "Athenor" and "Crucible", Wind through "Gale" and "Alembic", and Water through "Great Deluge" and "Dispersion". All altered arte versions end with the creation of a constellation in the image of an Entelexeia and a temporary increase of one parameter. The altered artes consists of the following:

  • Fire: Star Sign - Flame (スターサイン・フレイム Sutaasain Fureimu?) creates a constellation of Phaeroh and increases physical attack power.
  • Earth: Star Sign - Geo (スターサイン・ジオ Sutaasain Jio?) creates a constellation of Gusios and increases physical defense.
  • Wind: Star Sign - Gale (スターサイン・ゲイル Sutaasain Geiru?) creates a constellation of Khroma and increases magical attack power.
  • Water: Star Sign - Aqua (スターサイン・アクア Sutaasain Akua?) creates a constellation of Belius and increases magical defense.


In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

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