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Fairy Circle (ToG)

Fairy Circle as it appears in Tales of Graces ƒ.

Fairy Circle (フェアリーサークル Feariisaakuru?) is a healing spell in the Tales series. It heals party members almost to full HP, while occasionally damaging opponents.

Arte Description and History

Fairy Circle is a mystic arte used by Raine Sage in the PlayStation 2 port of Tales of Symphonia, obtained after mastering Revitalize. It can be used while Raine is in Over Limit mode and casts Revitalize if the latter has been used at least 150 times. After Raine executes the spell, four butterfly-themed fairies appear in the center of the battlefield and symmetrically fly outward in a spiral pattern until they reach the edge of the battlefield, creating a detailed glyph printed full of runes and leaf-like patterns as they fly.

Once the glyph has formed, spheres of light rise up, purifying all party members excluding those that are knocked out by completely restoring their HP and curing them of any status ailments before finally granting them a stat boost in Attack, Defense, and Magic. While party members are being cured and boosted, the circle also flashes with holy energy of the element of Light, damaging every single enemy on the field, unless said enemy is unaffected by Light-elemental magic.

In Tales of the Abyss, Tear Grants can use Fairy Circle as a regular spell when the player casts Healing Circle within a fully-charged Wind or Light FOF Circle. The style of Tear's Fairy Circle is similar to Raine's, but differs in the patterns of runes and leaf-like images. There are also only three fairies that look more like actual fairies than the butterfly-like creatures shown in Raine's version. This version has an area of effect slightly larger than Healing Circle, drastically reduced in range compared to the version in Tales of Symphonia, which affects the entire field. It gradually heals a moderate amount of health within the circle while curing all negative statuses. All enemies within the circle are dealt moderate Wind-elemental damage at the same time.

In Tales of Hearts, Fairy Circle is a Combination Arte, performed by Kohaku Hearts using Air Thrust and Hisui Hearts using Cure. In Tales of Graces, Fairy Circle is a standard healing spell in Cheria Barnes's repertoire. Her version only summons two fairies to weave the area of effect. In addition, her version has no runes or markings within the circle; rather, it simply produces a rippling effect similar to water.


Mothership Titles

Escort Titles

Mobile Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Symphonia (PS2 / PS3)

Japanese Quote: 大気に舞いし精霊たちよ、清浄なる調べを奏でよ、フェアリーサークル!我らに聖なる加護を、仇なす者に制裁を与えよ!
Romanized Quote: Taiki ni maishi seireitachi yo, seijou naru shirabe o kanade yo... Feariisaakuru! Warera ni seinaru kago o, adanasu mono ni, seisai o ataeyo!
Localized Quote: "Spirits, cleanse us of our sins... Fairy Circle! Grant a safe passage, restrain the wicked!"

Tales of the Abyss

Japanese Quote: 大気に舞いし精霊達よ、清浄なる調を奏でよ、フェアリーサークル!
Romanized Quote: Taiki ni maishi seireitachi yo, seijou naru shirabe o kanadeyo. Feariisaakuru!
Localized Quote: "O spirits who dance upon the wind, grace us with your purifying melody. Fairy Circle!"

Tales of Graces

Localized Description: "A healing arte that recovers around 40% of the HP of allies within the target area."

Japanese Quote: 紡ぎしは快爽、幸福を齎す光の奇跡に名を与うる!フェアリーサークル!
Romanized Quote: Tsumugishi wa kaisu, koufuku wo motarasu hikari no kiseki ni na wo atae uru! Feariisaakuru!
Translated Quote: "Spin with graciousness, receive the name of miraculous light that brings happiness! Fairy Circle!"
Localized Quote: "Strands of succor, give name to the effulgence that brings fortune to all. Fairy Circle!"

Shortened Casting Duration:
Japanese Quote: 妖精の癒しを皆に…フェアリーサークル!
Romanized Quote: Yousei no iyashi wo mina ni... Feariisaakuru!
Translated Quote: "Healing fairies for everyone... Fairy Circle!"
Localized Quote: "Let the sprites give grace. Fairy Circle!"

Tales of Xillia

Localized Description: "Heal allies within range while damaging foes with the power of roaring winds."

Users: Milla Maxwell, Elise Lutus

Japanese Quote:

Milla: 広がれ活心の輪、
Both: フェアリーサークル!!

Romanized Quote:

Milla: Hirogare katsu kokoro no wa,
Elise: Saisei no uta to tomoni
Both: Feariisaakuru!!

Translated Quote:

Milla: "Spread out the circle of living hearts,"
Elise: "Sing in unison a song of regeneration"
Both: "Fairy Circle!!"

Users: Milla Maxwell, Leia Rolando

Japanese Quote:

Milla: 広がれ活心の輪、
Leia: 再生の歌と共に
Both: フェアリーサークル!!

Romanized Quote:

Milla: Hirogare katsu kokoro no wa,
Leia: Saisei no uta to tomoni
Both: Feariisaakuru!!

Translated Quote:

Milla: "Spread out the circle of living hearts,"
Leia: "Sing in unison a song of regeneration"
Both: "Fairy Circle!!"

Tales of Zestiria

Localized Description: "Creates a healing field focused around one ally, which damage enemies who set foot within it."

Japanese Quote: 地精浄撃!フェアリーサークル!
Romanized Quote: Chisei jougeki! Feariisaakuru!
Localized Quote: "Purify the earth! Fairy Circle!"

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