Field Locations, also called Fields (フィールド Fiirudo?), are the replacement of the Overworld Map system in the Tales series, first making an appearance in Tales of Graces and continuing with all subsequent Mothership Titles, though Tales of Hearts R reverts back to the expansive world map system.


Field locations are characterized by shaped paths similar to dungeons that do not allow for full exploration of the region, being limited by impassable terrain that would otherwise be explorable on a world map. Field locations feature terrain reminiscent of the world map but focus more strictly on the intended path rather than a continent with several wayward paths, for example. Tales of Graces offers specific location names, events, and an immersive environment to mimic the previously-used world map.

Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2 expand the system again with named field locations yielding wide terrain, multiple levels, and hidden passages. Tales of Zestiria revolutionizes the system into a fully-immersive environment that, despite being defined areas, aesthetically mirrors the world map system and offers an expansive horizon of scenery that no longer has a restricted feel. Tales of Berseria continues with this pattern, though due to the varying regional sizes of the places visited, as compared to the supercontinent of Glenwood in Tales of Zestiria, the fields in this game are far more linear.