Flame Shoot (フレイムシュート Fureimushuuto?) is an aerial Fire-elemental spell exclusive to Stahn Aileron in the remakes of Tales of Destiny.

Arte Description and History

Flame Shoot is activated by using Fire Ball while the target is staggered by a combo. As an aerial attack, it is activated without casting time. When it is used, Stahn releases two small streams of flame, separating and traveling in mirrored arcs to hit the targeted enemy from both directions.

Flame Shoot is great for ranged attacks since it will always hit the target without failure, no matter how far Stahn is from the enemy. Due to its low CC cost, it can be used more often, allowing for more chances to deal critical hits and recover CC every so often. It can be spammed very effectively, keeping Stahn afloat safely above the battlefield, where even flying enemies cannot reach him, until he finally runs out of CC.


Mothership Titles

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