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Flanoir in the Animation

Flanoir as it appears in Tales of Symphonia: The Animation.

Flanoir, the Snowy City, is a large city in the world of Tethe'alla in Tales of Symphonia. It is constantly snowing in this town due to the Summon Spirit Celsius, who lives in the area, in the Temple of Ice. The city has an excellent doctor who treats both citizens and people all over the world, although for a high price.


Tales of Symphonia

The first time the party may enter Flanoir is after they get the Rheairds from the Renegades, though it is usual to go there after forming a pact with Gnome in the Temple of Earth. In Flanoir, they may see a man kneeling on the ground, and if the party helps him, they will unlock a long sidequest which involves finding the Devil's Arms. They need to find an accessory crafter and ask him to make some gloves in order to use an ice flower named "Celsius's Tear", an item that is needed later in the story. After forming a pact with Celsius, Lloyd Irving can sell the "Celsius's Tear" to a traveler in Flanoir for 5,000 Gald.

After Lloyd discovers his relationship with Kratos Aurion, the party travels to Flanoir to get a doctor to aid the mortally wounded Altessa. After meeting the doctor's conditions, Lloyd and the three other characters stay, while the others escort the doctor to Altessa's House. The story is subject to change form this point, as Lloyd chooses one member from the three that stay to talk with outside. If he chooses Kratos, then Zelos's fate will alter, resulting in his death. However, if he does not choose Kratos, Zelos will remain in the party until the end of the the story.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

In the sequel to Tales of Symphonia, Flanoir has become hotter due to the worlds reuniting. When Emil Castagnier, Marta Lualdi, Tenebrae, and Regal Bryant arrive in Flanoir, they are shocked to see that it has been attacked. One man says that Lloyd did it before he dies, something Regal can not believe. While they go around to help the injured people, Lloyd runs out of a house. Regal tries to confront Lloyd about the attack, but once again Lloyd ignores one of his closest companions. Emil turns into "Ratatosk Mode", but Lloyd knocks him out again before he leaves. After that, Regal changes from his fine clothes into his old prisoner clothes again to show Lloyd that he will go through the shame once again for his dear friend.

After they have retrieved Glacies's core, Flanoir is back to normal, although the previous attack is not forgotten. This is also where Emil has the character conversation with Lloyd, where the latter tells him about how he really is not as strong as everyone believes, that he needs the strength of his friends, as well. He also warns Emil and tells him that he does not want to kill one of his friends again, hinting that he is partly aware of Emil's plans. When the whole party is gathered, a man blames Lloyd for the attack and punches him. Lloyd says that he wants to be alone for a while, and goes to the place he was in the original game while having a character conversation, before the church. There, the character Emil chose when talking to Lloyd in Iselia will come and talk to Lloyd, and they will have a short chat.

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