Fluora Spodumene

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Fluora Spodumene
Fluora Spodumene
Game Tales of Hearts
Hometown Wonderidel
Age 2,000+
Race Human
Japanese Voice Actor Rieko Takahashi
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Fluora Spodumene (フローラ・スポデューン?) is a supporting character in Tales of Hearts. She is Lithia Spodumene's elder sister and the original inventor of Soma and the Cinderellion/Mysticete. She grew up alongside Lithia and Creed Graphite in Wonderidel but was opposed to their plans.

Appearance and Personality

Fluora is an ethereal woman with fair skin, green eyes, and long, seafoam-colored hair. She wears a long, bridal-like veil and a flowing dress that exposes her cleavage and lower stomach. A woman with a gentle heart, Fluora feels she never actually managed to teach Creed and Lithia about the importance of emotions and forming bonds, leading to the Quartzian tragedy. Her final recording left inside the Forest of Thorns reveals just what she thinks of herself: "My name is Fluora Spodumene. A sad, foolish woman who could not even save her own family."


  • Spodumene derives from the mineral of the same name.

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