Form Up (フォームアップ Foomuappu?) is a base arte exclusively used by Patty Fleur in the PlayStation 3 port of Tales of Vesperia.

Arte Description and History

Upon activation, Patty will randomly assume one of four possible combat forms that will change the way her artes function, as well as give her a buff depending on the form. These forms include "Normal Form", "Advance Form", "Brainel Form", and "Critical Form". A unique card and colored flash will signal which form she entered, with the exception of Critical Form, in which no card is shown. She will also perform a unique animation depending on the form she entered, and her idle stance will change. The buffs will only apply if she finishes the animations.

  • Normal Form: Green flash and card with a tilted F-like symbol. Patty rubs her head in disappointment. The Overlimit gauge increases slightly, and nearby enemies are pushed away. She stands normally.
  • Advance Form: Red flash and card with an A-like symbol. Patty performs two left jabs and a right straight. A small amount of HP is restored, physical power increases, and nearby enemies are spun around. She stands with her body turned to the right, with one hand at chest level and the other down at her waist.
  • Brainel Form: Blue flash and card with a backward 4-like symbol. Patty takes out her gun and twirls it. A small amount of TP is restored, magical power increases, and nearby enemies are pushed away and knocked down. She stands ready, with her left foot in front of her, leaned back slightly, and her hands out.
  • Critical Form: Yellow flash and no card. Patty takes out a hand of cards, pulls her collar down slightly, and fans herself. All effects from the other forms are applied, her running animation changes along with a movement speed increase, and nearby enemies are stunned. She stands similarly to Brainel Form's stance but with her right foot forward, hopping, and waving her hands in small circles.


Mothership Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Japanese Quote: こんなもんかの?
Romanized Quote: Konna mon ka no?
Translated Quote: "Is this all?"

Japanese Quote: かかってくるのじゃ!
Romanized Quote: Kakatte kuru no ja!
Translated Quote: "Bring it on!"

Japanese Quote: 覚悟!
Romanized Quote: Kakugo!
Translated Quote: "Get ready!"

Japanese Quote: そろそろいくかの~
Romanized Quote: Sorosoro iku ka no~
Translated Quote: "Shall we go yet~"

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