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Due to lack of use, this wiki's forums are considered to be abandoned and all its contents archived. If you wish to conduct a discussion, please do so on the relevant talk page.

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How do you play 2 player on Tales Of Vesperia?16:55, April 7, 2018Kaimi
Terminology05:09, January 3, 2017Arosia
Arte information gone18:09, March 20, 2016Sefiros2211
Gallery Tag notice02:05, December 21, 2015Arosia
Tales of Card Evolve05:58, November 8, 2014Arosia
Priority reminders02:00, October 11, 2014Arosia
Moving/renaming pages and administration16:34, September 23, 2014Mayu Miyuki
Vesperia/Symphonia/Phantasia: Same World!00:29, August 21, 2014Mayu Miyuki
Tales forums down23:45, August 15, 2013Winxfan1
Desian death count formula.19:09, December 17, 2010Darth Squilliam
Annie's force21:26, September 16, 2010TSF Lunar Eclipse
Anime Boston19:58, August 13, 2010Mayu Miyuki
Tales of Radiant Mythology 322:05, July 31, 2010Mayu Miyuki
Wikia Skin Colors02:47, July 13, 2010Mayu Miyuki
Patty's Weapons23:50, May 20, 2010Lanate
Drama CD and Novel only characters17:46, February 13, 2010Mayu Miyuki
Video Resources17:15, February 1, 2010Penamesolen
Arte Page Header Names01:14, January 19, 2010Mayu Miyuki
Tales of Eternia Online19:17, January 7, 2010Mayu Miyuki
Summon Spirits02:36, December 16, 2009Mayu Miyuki
T-o-S : Acronyms.12:23, October 27, 2009Mayu Miyuki
Hunter class trm 101:54, October 16, 2009Lanate
Is there "shippings" for ToS?15:18, September 1, 2009Lanate
Rich Text Editor02:53, July 10, 2009Lanate
Will Tales of Hearts ever come out in North America?03:26, July 8, 2009Lanate
From complete chaos to minor chaos...20:51, October 10, 2008Akari Kaiku
Templates for deletion and other basic tasks11:57, June 4, 2008Imaginationac
A question about articles that already exist on Wikipedia01:33, March 17, 2008Mayu Miyuki
Concerning a series of articles I have started....06:04, March 5, 2008Mayu Miyuki
Numerous Updates02:27, January 11, 200870.49.196.203
New banner?12:20, December 26, 2007Drache
New draft of the Community Portal20:21, August 15, 2007Imaginationac
New draft of the Main Page14:28, August 15, 2007Imaginationac
Join the mailing list!18:34, August 2, 2007Imaginationac
New editing feature - wikEd01:31, July 27, 2007Imaginationac
200 articles!09:26, July 21, 2007Kaiser Dist ZX
Proposal now open!05:11, June 15, 2007Imaginationac
Infoboxes are here!19:56, June 10, 2007Imaginationac
Welcome to the watercooler00:30, June 6, 2007Imaginationac