Fubras River

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Fubras River
Game Tales of the Abyss
World Auldrant
Country Malkuth Empire
Region Rugnica
Ruler Peony Upala Malkuth IX
A river crossing the continent of Rugnica. The nearby plains are spotted with Padanese crystals formed by unstable fonons.

Fubras River is a river located on the Rugnican continent in Tales of the Abyss.


Fubras River is located just north of Kaitzur on the Malkuth side, effectively separating the continent of Rugnica and traveling north into a lake near Theor Forest that contains Mushroom Road. The river floods often during rainfall, which crushes the wooden gates nearby, as seen when the group ventures across on their way to Kaitzur. There are many large stones and small islands for navigation across the river even during these floods, and many aquatic monsters dwell inside.


When the group arrives, Jade Curtiss teaches Luke fon Fabre about the benefits and how to take advantage of Field of Fonons, as well as what effects they have on artes. Near the exit, Luke, Jade, Tear Grants, Guy Cecil, and Fon Master Ion are confronted by the God-General Arietta and her liger friends. She swears vengeance for the death of her mother by the group, which confuses them initially, but it is then explained that Arietta was raised by monsters and was recruited into the God-Generals due to her ability to communicate with them. She considered the Liger Queen that Luke, Tear, and Jade killed in the Cheagle Woods her mother.

Soon after the confrontation, an earthquake strikes, and a mysterious purple gas mentioned as miasma gushes from the ground. Tear states that it is not harmful to humans if one does not inhale a large amount over a long period of time, but acting quickly, she casts Force Field, the second of Yulia Jue's Fonic Hymns, in order to protect the group from inhaling the poisonous gas. Once the earthquake ceases and the miasma disappears, the group discovers that Arietta has fainted due to exposure from the gas. Jade prepares to kill her but is stopped by Luke's nervousness and Ion's plea. They agree to move her body, then proceed to Kaitzur.

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