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Malkuth Empire
Grand Chokmah (TotA-A)
Game Tales of the Abyss
World Auldrant
Region •Northern Rugnica
•Ispanian Peninsula
Capital Grand Chokmah
Ruler Peony Upala Malkuth IX
This article is about the country in Tales of the Abyss. For the country's current ruler in the same game, see Peony Upala Malkuth IX.

The Malkuth Empire, often simply referred to as Malkuth, is a significant country in Tales of the Abyss. Malkuth is a large, varied nation with a strong infrastructure through farming and trade, supplemented with a focus on the use of fonic artes to achieve a higher standard of living. The country's emblem consists of a harp. Malkuth began as a republic, declaring its independence from the kingdom of Kimlasca in N.D. 0468, and provided the original territory from which the Order of Lorelei came to hold under its dominion prior to the founding of the country of Daath. This enabled Malkuth to use the sympathetic Order as a shield of protection against enemy retaliation. Malkuth quickly grew to conquer much of the northern hemisphere of Auldrant, leading to frequent conflict with Kimlasca and the decline of all other remaining nations, as both countries came to dominate most of the populated world.


Grand Chokmah

Located in northern Rugnica, Grand Chokmah, the Floating Capital, is the capital of Malkuth, as well as its largest city with a population of 600,000. It is ruled by Peony Upala Malkuth IX.


Engeve (TotA)

Engeve as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

Engeve, the Grocer's Hamlet, is a small farming village located north of St. Binah in northern Rugnica with a relatively small population of 20,000. The village is surrounded by numerous fields suitable for harvesting and raising livestock. It is responsible for shipping its produce worldwide and is mentioned by several shopkeepers who sell its "fresh food" in various cities. During the story, Luke fon Fabre and Tear Grants first travel to Engeve upon realizing they mistakenly boarded a coach to Grand Chokmah. After failing to pay for an apple, Luke is accused of being a thief in light of recent food thefts in the village. The village's mayor, Rose, is convinced that Luke is innocent after Jade Curtiss vouches for Luke and Tear's whereabouts earlier that day, as their coach witnessed Jade controlling the Tartarus in pursuit of the Dark Wings. Fon Master Ion then enters to reveal his discovery of cheagle fur in the storehouse where food was stolen. This clears Luke of his accusations, and the charges against him are dropped. Later in the story, part of the group travels to Engeve in order to evacuate the residents due to danger of the land falling. They succeed, and the village is soon lowered safely into the Qliphoth.

St. Binah

St. Binah, the Citadel, is a political city also located in northern Rugnica, albeit with a much larger population of 250,000. Sometimes spelled Saint Binah and eventually known as Fallen St. Binah, the colorful city has a large plaza, brick walkways, and myriad of blooming flowers—all of which attribute to the citadel's defining scenery. During the story, the group takes refuge here after escaping from the Tartarus. Later, the group returns to St. Binah in order to rescue its citizens before the city falls into the Qliphoth. Despite being delayed by the God-General Dist and his "Kaiser Dist RX", the group manages to rescue the remaining citizens with the Albiore. The city then falls into the Qliphoth.


Keterburg (TotA)

Keterburg as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

Keterburg, the Silver World, is a snowy tourist city located in eastern Sylvana with a population of 100,000. Keterburg is the northernmost city of the Auldrant and home to Jade Balfour, Saphir Ortion Gneiss, and Nephry Osborne, as well as the place where Emperor Peony was kept in seclusion prior to ascending the throne. Keterburg is a white city in an icy terrain, with the only other living location on the continent being its docking area, Keterburg Bay. Aside from these two places, the only other landmarks on the continent are Mt. Roneal, which encompasses a large range of the land mass, and Nebilim's Crag, located within the mountain. During the story, the group stops at the city to repair the Tartarus. The city's governor, Nephry, is revealed to be Jade's sister, who later privately reveals Jade's dark past to Luke. The group departs on the repaired Tartarus the following morning.


Akzeriuth, the Mining Town, is a mining settlement located in southern Rugnica that is destroyed by Luke's hyperresonance during the events of the story. It has a small population of 10,000 workers and their families. Akzeriuth is a crater-like city surrounded by natural walls, similar to Baticul. However, unlike Baticul, which ascends into the sky, Akzeriuth descends into the earth and contains numerous mine shafts for excavation purposes. The minerals surrounding the area of Akzeriuth are highly-valued, raw materials needed to make various weapons and armor. Because of this, the area has been embroiled with many political conflicts over its control, namely between Malkuth and Kimlasca. Despite being Malkuth's territory now, the city was once governed by Kimlasca. Prior to the events of the story, Akzeriuth was facing a crisis due to a poisonous gas known as miasma enveloping the area—particularly deep within the mines. The group travels to Akzeriuth on a peace mission at the behest of Emperor Peony. It is here where Van Grants fools Luke into using his hyperresonance to clear the miasma from the city, although it instead causes the city to collapse into the Qliphoth, killing thousands.


Located in southern Rugnica and technically both Malkuth and Kimlascan territory, Kaitzur, the Border Fortress, is a checkpoint station that separates the two kingdoms in the game, with everything north of the border belonging to Malkuth and everything south belonging to Kimlasca. Headquartering stations exist for both countries inside. The total population is 60,000. During the story, the group reunites with Anise Tatlin here, who is attempting to cross to Kimlasca but lacks a passport. Kaitzur is also where the group finds Van, who saves Luke from an attack by Asch and explains that the God-Generals have been acting on their own volition. Tear accepts this explanation and withdraws her hostility toward her brother, who provides the group with passports to cross the border into Kimlasca. Later in the story, the group returns here in order to stop the war between Kimlasca and Malkuth.


Tataroo Valley (TotA)

Tataroo Valley as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

  • Tataroo Valley - Tataroo Valley is located on the Ispanian Peninsula, north of Chesedonia. The valley is a large, serene area with elevated trails and clean air, seemingly untouched by humans. It contains Selenia flowers—plants that only bloom in clusters around fon slots, indicating a Sephiroth Tree nearby. Luke and Tear first enter the valley at night after an unintentional hyperresonance occurs between them. Later in the story, the group visits the valley in hopes of finding the passage ring and measuring the core's vibration frequency. At the passage ring, the group measures the core's vibration and begins making preparations for the lowering of the Outer Lands.
  • Cheagle Woods - The Cheagle Woods is a forest north of Engeve where rare creatures known as cheagles live. Prior to the events of the story, a young cheagle named Mieu accidentally burned the home of the nearby ligers—an incident that caused the ligers to move and hunt the cheagles for food. Despite being herbivores with plenty of vegetation in their forest, the cheagles were forced to steal food from Engeve's storage facilities in order to appease the ligers. During the story, Luke and Tear visit the woods in order to investigate the food thefts in Engeve. They find Ion, who accompanies them in meeting with the Cheagle Elder. Mieu travels with the group to the liger's lair, where Luke, Tear, and eventually Jade are forced to kill the Liger Queen. Upon exiting the woods, Luke and Tear are arrested by Jade and imprisoned on the Tartarus. Later in the story, the group returns to the woods in order to face the God-General Arietta and her monster companions, as she seeks vengeance for the death of the Liger Queen, whom she considered her mother. Arietta is defeated, and Largo, another God-General, carries her deceased body away.
  • Fubras River - Fubras River is located just north of Kaitzur on the Malkuth side, effectively separating the continent of Rugnica and traveling north into a lake near Theor Forest that contains Mushroom Road. The river floods often during rainfall, which crushes the wooden gates nearby, as seen when the group ventures across on their way to Kaitzur. There are many large stones and small islands for navigation across the river even during these floods, and many aquatic monsters dwell inside. During the story, Arietta first makes her vow of vengeance for the death of the Liger Queen near the river's exit. Soon after the confrontation, an earthquake strikes, and miasma is expelled from the earth. Tear manages to protect the group, but Arietta collapses due to the miasma. Jade prepares to kill her but is halted by Ion's plea. The group agrees to move her out of danger before departing themselves and proceeding to Kaitzur.
  • Theor Forest - Theor Forest is a wooded area that separates the capital of Malkuth from the remainder of the Rugnican continent. The group passes through during their first trip to Malkuth.
  • Shurrey Hill - Shurrey Hill is located on the mid-eastern side of Rugnica and houses a Sephiroth Tree.
Mt. Roneal (TotA)

Mt. Roneal as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

  • Mt. Roneal - Mt. Roneal is located on Sylvana, northwest from Keterburg. People rarely approach the area due to powerful monsters that live within its caves, as well as due to the threat of avalanches caused by too much noise. The mountain is home to a Sephiroth Tree. Prior to the events of the story, in N.D. 1991, Gelda Nebilim failed a planetary arte experiment at Mt. Roneal, resulting in the death of many Oracle Knights. Her replica was later sealed in a classified area of the mountain known as Nebilim's Crag. The group first travels here in order to activate the passage ring located somewhere within the mountain. Near the entrance to the passage ring, the group is forced to fight the God-Generals Arietta, Largo, and Legretta. The fight causes an avalanche that swallows the group and oracle trio. Although the group manages to survive, they believe the God-Generals to have died.
  • Isle of Feres - The Isle of Feres is a floating island that once located near Hod. It was destroyed by a tidal wave created from Hod's destruction but was replicated by Van to serve as Arietta's private boat and a replica facility. The original Isle of Feres was Arietta's hometown.
  • Mushroom Road - Mushroom Road is a bonus dungeon located in northern Rugnica. It can only be accessed by traveling up the Fubras River with the Albiore.
  • Nebilim's Crag - Nebilim's Crag is another bonus dungeon that is partially hidden within the Roneal mountain rage, distinguishable only by a large split in one of the mountains. It is accessible only after the group obtains the "Refined Flightstone" from a puzzle-like portion of Mt. Roneal. Inside, there is a fonic glyph that was used to seal away Nebilim's replica some time prior to the events of the story. When the group ventures inside and breaks the seal containing Nebilim's replica, they are forced to fight and kill her.


  • Malkuth is one of several names in the game derived from the sephirot of Hebrew tradition. The sephirah Malkuth refers to kingship—an obvious reference to empire itself.
    • The sephirah Chokhmah refers to wisdom.
    • The sephirah Binah refers to understanding.
    • The sephirah Keter refers to the upper crown of God.

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