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Gale Slash (ゲイルスラッシュ Geirusurasshu?) is a Wind- and Shade-elemental spell, exclusive to Mao in Tales of Rebirth, though it is Wind-elemental only in its other appearances.

Arte Description and History

Gale Slash summons a sideways column of cutting winds. In Tales of Rebirth, it is capable of pushing enemies to adjacent lines.


Mothership Titles

Escort Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Rebirth

User: Mao
Japanese Quote: 真空の刃よ!切り刻め!ゲイルスラッシュ!
Romanized Quote: Shinkuu no yaiba yo! Kirisake! Gale Slash!
Translated Quote: "O blade of void, tear them apart! Gale Slash!"[1]

User: Geyorkias
Japanese Quote: 烈風よ、全てを切り裂け!
Romanized Quote: Reppuu yo, subete o kirisake!
Translated Quote: "O violente gales, rip everything apart!"[1]


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