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Ghasfarost (ToV)
Game Tales of Vesperia
World Terca Lumireis
Region Tolbyccia

The Tower of Gears, Ghasfarost (歯車の楼閣 ガスファロスト Haguruma no Roukaku Gasufarosuto?) is a dungeon located northwest of Dahngrest in Tales of Vesperia. The tower was constructed through the collaboration of Ragou and Barbos, leader of the Blood Alliance. It is also where the the group meets Judith, who, hidden to everyone other than Yuri Lowell, is the mysterious Dragon Rider.


Ghasfarost was originally an old, fortress-like structure until the Blood Alliance claimed it, resulting in the construction of the vertical tower. The fortress contains prison cells and storage facilities for the Blood Alliance, and located in the basement is a machine pumping aer into the tower through a long, central pipe. The main tower itself contains several mechanisms to control the aer flow into various floors of the tower, including the top floor, where the tower's blastia is located. As stated by Barbos himself, the tower took ten years to build.


Yuri and Judith first arrive at Ghasfarost to catch Barbos, but he anticipates their arrival. Judith destroys the blastia that was creating a high-speed cyclone around the tower, angering Barbos, who proceeds to shoot her out of the air. The dragon escapes, but its rider and Yuri are subsequently imprisoned. Inside their cell, Yuri insults one of the guards for hurting an elderly prisoner, and during the skirmish, part of the rider's helmet breaks, revealing her eyes. After avoiding the scuffle, the rider removes her helmet, revealing herself to be a beautiful Krityan woman. Yuri thanks her for saving the elderly man, and she claims she was repaying him for helping her friend Ba'ul, the "dragon" from earlier.

After Judith removes the rest of her armor, Yuri asks why she went around destroying blastia, but she does not give an honest answer; however, she promises Yuri she will not destroy his bohdi blastia. Yuri then proposes a plan to work together by causing a riot in their cell, to which Judith happily agrees, giving them the opportunity to escape and free the other prisoners in the process. Afterward, the two decide to investigate the blastia on the roof. In a nearby armory, Yuri acquires his equipment, but Judith's spear, "Brionac", is nowhere to be found, so she borrows a substitute spear. When the two approach a leakage of aer, the Sorcerer's Ring reacts, allowing the two to manipulate the switch. In addition, the Over Limit bar increases by one level when Judith gives Yuri a "Duo Limit".

Outside the tower, Yuri is surprised to see his allies have traveled to the tower in order to aid him. Yuri then explains that Judith is on a research-based mission to investigate the blastia and declares to ask Barbos where the aque blastia core is. As the group is preparing to proceed upward, Raven senses the presence of Duke Pantarei, who refuses Raven's offer to assist the group. On the way up, Rita Mordio notices Judith uses a spear similar to the Dragon Rider, though the secret remains concealed. At the top of the tower, the group confronts Barbos, who uses his new blastia-powered weapon to attack them. As he prepares to deliver a devastating blow, Duke arrives and uses his sword to destroy the blastia. Barbos then proceeds to fight the group using his original sword.

After Barbos is defeated, he tells Yuri that he reminds him of Don Whitehorse in his youth and that he will make a lot of enemies. He also tells Yuri that he will be waiting for him in the afterlife and falls to his death, putting an end to the Blood Alliance. In the process, he recovers the core from the lower quarter's aque blastia. At the ground level, Raven disappears as the group is discussing the core. Judith decides to part ways from the rest of the group to search for her partner, and the remaining members of the group leave for Dahngrest.

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