Gheeth's Shop
Gheeth's Shop (ToP)
Game Tales of Phantasia
World Aselia
Region Southern Hemisphere

Gheeth's Shop (ギース・ショップ Giisu Shoppu?, "Gheeth Shop") is a shop selling rare items in Tales of Phantasia. It is the home of the absent dwarf Gheeth.


Gheeth's Shop is located on an island at Aselia's south, accessible only by Techbird. It is a single building nestled in hills and greenery.


The protagonists can visit Gheeth's Shop to obtain rare items. The shop is also capable of refining raw ivory into the "Magic Tablet" items. In Tales of Phantasia: Cross Edition, the protagonists can visit here after obtaining "Dragnov" to learn more about Rondoline E. Effenberg's father and the Eclipse Clan.

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