• Elysia, Home of the Seraphim (天族の社イズチ?) - A pure land that is home to many seraphim. Protected by Gramps's domain.
  • Ladylake, the Aquapolis (湖上の街レディレイク?) - The royal capital of the Kingdom of Hyland. A beautiful city of water that excels in the use of hydropower.
  • Marlind, the City of the Great Tree (大樹の街マーリンド?) - A town built around the most ancient of the great trees of the realm. Esteemed for its prowess in learning and arts.
  • Lastonbell, City of Artisans (職人の街ラストンベル?) - Though known for its gigantic bell tower, this town is mainly famous as a hub for master artisans of every stripe.
  • Pendrago, the Blessed Capital (聖なる皇都ペンドラゴ?) - The capital of the Rolance Empire, and the most populous city of the continent. A castle city with a long and proud history.
  • Gododdin, The Forgotten Village (忘れられた村ゴドジン?) - A run-down village, far-flung in the southern regions. It has few if any distinguishing features to speak of.
  • Lohgrin, the Tower Remains (塔の街ローグリン?) - A town built within the ruins of a gigantic tower. The architectural techniques to build a tower of this magnitude are lost to time.


  • Mt. Mabinnogio Ruins (マビノギオ山岳遺跡?) - Ancient ruins bordering Elysia, believes to date to before the Era of Asgard.
  • Aroundight Forest (アロダイトの森?) - A deep forest at the base of the mountain on which Elysia lies. The humans nearby call it the Forest of Perdition.
  • Rountabel Palace (ラウドテブル王宮?) - The royal palace of Hyland. Though the home of the monarchy, it is also where the ministers attend to duty of government.
  • Vivia Subterranean Aqueduct (ヴィヴィア水道遺跡?) - Ancient ruins spread underground beneath the capital. Home to highly-sophisticated hydropower engineering.
  • Galahad Ruins (ガラハド遺跡?) - What appears to be the ruins of a shrine by the lakeside, believed to have been constructed for the performing of royal rituals.
  • Lefay, Shrine of the Water Trial (水の試練神殿ルーフェイ?) - One of the locations where the Trial of the Shepherd takes place. It would seem the spiritual power of water is hidden here.
  • Rayfalke Spiritcrest (霊峰レイフォルク?) - The greatest mountain on the continent. Its daunting heights have denied mankind for ages, and it has become an emblem of both fear and faith.
  • Dumnonia Museum (ダノムニア美術館?) - A museum located within Marlind. A prestigious location worthy of its name, though it is currently closed to the public.
  • Bors Ruins (ボールス遺跡?) - Ruins buried within the forest. Only traces remain of the ruins now.
  • Remains of Merchior (遺構窟メルシオ?) - Access has been expressly forbidden to these ruins. They say that the interior is crumbling apart, but is that really why?
  • Tintagel Ruins (ティンタジェル遺跡群?) - Ruins that lie deep within the Volgran Forest. having been abandoned for ages, the ruins are falling into decay.
  • Lamorak Cave - A cave hidden deep in the forest. It is said that if you follow the caves, they will lead you somewhere...
  • Malory, the Patinal Forest (緑青林マロリー?) - A forest that adjoins the northern stretch of the Meadow of Triumph. A mysterious verdant breeze rolls through it.
  • Gaferis Ruins - Ruins to the north of Pendrago, believed to be a crypt for ancient noble families.
  • Pendrago Shrinechurch (ペンドラゴ教会神殿?) - The center of the Rolance Church, these "living ruins" are the result of constant rebuilding and modification of an ancient shrine.
  • Cambria Caverns (カンブリア地底洞?) - An underground cave south of the Meadow of Triumph. It is said there is a subterranean lake deep within.
  • Igraine, Shrine of the Fire Trial (火の試練神殿イグレイン?) - One of the locations where the Trial of the Shepherd takes place. It would seem the spiritual power of fire is hidden here.
  • Yder Cave - A limestone cavern found at the Biroclef Ridge. The growth pattern of the stalactites there give them the appearance of living things.
  • Weylish Ruins (ウェルシュ遺跡?) - Ruins discovered at Aifread's Hunting Ground, famed for the towering mysterious stone that stands there.
  • Morgause, Shrine of the Earth Trial (地の試練神殿モルゴース?) - One of the locations where the Trial of the Shepherd takes place. It would seem the spiritual power of earth is hidden here.
  • Ganglen Ruins (ガンガレン遺跡?) - An underground labyrinth in Westronbolt Gorge. The contraptions there suggest that something has been sealed within.
  • Guinevere, Shrine of the Wind Trial (風の試練神殿ギネヴィア?) - One of the locations where the Trial of the Shepherd takes place. It would seem the spiritual power of wind is hidden here.
  • Great Camelot Bridge (キャメロット大陸橋?) - A great bridge crossing the sea, built by the Rolance Empire. The bridge was built over ancient ruins within the sea, which now serve as its foundation.
  • Trizolde Cave (トリスイゾル洞?) - A cave in Zaphgot Moor that sparkles with a mysterious phosporescent light. The cave does not appear to lead anywhere, and yet...
  • Lhitwerg Woods - A petrified forest within the Plitzerback Wetland. A bitterly cold, forbidding place lined with half-petrified trees.
  • Arctus Ruins (アルトゥス遺跡?) - Ruins discovered within the Plitzerback Wetland. Though few details are readily understood about it, it appears to be a burial ground of some sort.
  • Mt. Mabinogio Ruins Depths (マビノギオ山岳遺跡深部?) - Even Sorey and Mikleo have yet to explore its depths. It seems like it tunnels right though the mountain, yet...
  • Camlann, the Origin Village (始まりの村カムラン?) - A mysterious village which has been the focus of a great deal of attention in recent years. It is said that the Age of Chaos began here.
  • Artorius's Throne (アルトリウスの玉座?) - A ruined altar once belonging to the ancient Five Lords sect. It remains unclear to which of the Five Lords it was dedicated.
  • Cornic Sealed Cave - A cave in the northern part of Glaivend Basin. It had long been sealed, but apparently this is no longer the case...


  • Lakehaven Heights (レイクピロー高地?) - A plateau blessed with fresh water and rolling verdure. Much of the water that gushes from the mountains forms into waterfalls and rivers.
  • Falkewin Hillside (フォルクエン丘陵?) - Hilly terrain that extends from the Lakehaven Heights. The Griflet River flows through its center.
  • Glaivend Basin (グレイブガント盆地?) - A vast stretch of rocky terrain that lines the border between Hyland and Rolance.
  • Volgran Forest (ヴァーグラン森林?) - A forest home to gigantic trees. bandits often prey on caravans passing through.
  • Meadow of Triumph (凱旋草海?) - A vast stretch of plains that covers the center of the continent. The set of leaning spires there are one of the continent's seven wonders.
  • Pearloats Pasture (パルバレイ牧耕地?) - The plains are the sole breadbasket of the continent, while the hillsides are used for grazing livestock.
  • Biroclef Ridge (バイロブグリフ崖道?) - A byway that lines the sheer cliffs. Rockfall and landslides are not unusual here.
  • Aifread's Hunting Ground (アイフリードの狩り場?) - A road by the ridge with a view of the ocean. The Aifread name comes from a pirate king who roved the area a thousand years ago.
  • Westronbolt Gorge (ウェストロンホルドの裂け谷?) - An uncanny canyon held to have been riven by a wind seraph. None have entered its depths and returned to tell of what they found.
  • Zaphgott Moor (ザフゴット原野?) - A rolling wasteland over the northwestern region of the continent. A mostly unsettled area with abundant wildlife.
  • Plitzerback Wetland - A vast swampy belt that spans the southwestern region of the continent, where peculiar plant life grows in abundance.
  • Stolat Mountains - A mountain range stretching through the central region of the Glenwood continent. With no easy trails available, its steep ravines pose a serious challenge.

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