Gouma Kaijinken (業魔灰燼剣?, "Karma Demon Ember Sword") is one of Stahn Aileron's Blast Calibers, exclusive to the remakes of Tales of Destiny.

Arte Description and History

Upon activating this arte, Stahn points his sword in the air to charge it with fire. He then performs a horizontal spin followed by a vertical slash to force the enemy into the air. As he falls back to the ground, he surrounds himself with a spiral of flames as he thrusts his sword into the ground. Afterward, he charges through the enemy, then turns around to send a wave of flames through the enemy as he dashes back. Finally, he somersaults into the air and slams back into the ground, creating a massive eruption of flames that destroys everything in front of him.

Similar to Satsugeki Bukouken, this attack is a combination of some of Stahn's artes, specifically his most powerful elemental melee attacks, in contrast to the mostly non-elemental attacks used within Satsugeki Bukouken itself. Gouma Kaijinken is essentially a chain of Toryuusen, Neppa Senpuujin, Maou Engekiha, and the final part of Shikou Bakuenjin. With the exception of Toryuusen, all of these attacks are "sacred skills" that Stahn learns by combining his existing artes with the spells granted by his Swordian, Dymlos, in the original release of Tales of Destiny.


Mothership Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Destiny (PS2) + Director's Cut

Japanese Quote: 真の姿を現せ!業炎の剣!その身に焼き付けろ!奥義!業魔灰燼剣!
Romanized Quote: Shin no sugata wo arawase... Gouen no tsurugi! Sono mi ni yakitsukero! Ougi! Gouma Kaijinken!
Translated Quote: "O scorching blade of deepest scarlet... Show us your true shape! And burn my enemies to their very souls! Finishing Strike! Gouma Kaijinken!"[1]


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