Guardian (ToS)

Guardian as it appears in Tales of Symphonia.

Guardian (粋護陣 Suigojin?, "Refined Protection Position") is an important defensive skill that is used to block against enemy damage. Guardian defends against all enemy attacks and spells for a short time, usually one or two seconds, significantly decreasing all enemy damage while leaving the character immobile with a noticeable cool-down delay after the skill effect ends.

Arte Description and History

The Guardian arte was introduced in Tales of Symphonia, providing direct access to the arte through the game menus and arte shortcuts. Although Guardian is used by only three of the characters in the game, all of the other characters have their own variant of Guardian, named differently in both the Japanese and English versions: Damage Guard (レデュース・ダメージ Redyuusu Dameeji?, "Reduce Damage"), Force Field (フォースフィールド Foosufiirudo?), Guardian Seal (衝弾符 Shoudanfu?, "Rush Bullet Seal"), Earthly Protection (地精陣 Chiseijin?, "Earth Refined Position"), and Bastion (不剄 Fukei?, "Non-Beheading"). All of these artes provide exactly the same effect as Guardian, with the same 10% of max TP cost.

A less potent form of this arte, the passive skill Magic Guard (マジックガード Majikkugaado?), can be activated quickly by holding down the guard button on the controller (usually the SQUARE button for PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable games, or the X button for GameCube and Nintendo DS games) and pressing DOWN with the left directional pad or joystick. This shortcut method only blocks effectively against spells, and any physical attack can break the character's guard, canceling the skill. The basis of this skill first appeared in Tales of Destiny 2, as one of five defensive maneuvers that can be used at the cost of SP (basic guarding, "Spell Guard", "Advancing Guard", "Back Step", and jumping). In Tales of the Abyss, the primary melee characters can obtain the AD Skill Skill Guard (スキルガード Sukirugaado?), which replaces the Magic Guard shortcut with the arcane arte Guardian.

Guardian (TotA)

Guardian as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

The passive skill Magic Guard has appeared in nearly every game after Tales of Destiny 2 was released, while the arte Guardian has appeared only in Tales of Symphonia and Tales of the Abyss. Though the defensive skill that the protagonists use in Tales of Legendia is unnamed in the Japanese version, they announce Guardian in the English version.


In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes


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